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  1. Virginia_RN

    08-21-2018 Plebe Quit Scroll

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    08-19-2018 Plebe Quit Scroll

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  3. Virginia_RN

    Quitter Dentist Visit Stories

    My recent visit to the dentist was pretty good, due to the extensive damage to my gums from years of using that shit, I have to have my lower jaw shot up with novocaine when they do me, just because my gums are nearly non existent on a couple teeth, and I only go maybe once a year, so there is a lot of scraping and grinding. Being 930 days quit, I still wonder if the cancer will find me after all those years of chewing, but I don't really worry about it. If I get cancer it sucks, but I did it to myself so have no one to blame but myself.
  4. Virginia_RN

    08-18-2018 Plebe Quit Scroll

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