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    Coming up on 500, I've done alot of thinking. Since I've been quit, I've been in control of so much more of my life. Knowing that for 8 years I was a slave hurts, but knowing that for the next 60 I will be able to enjoy life so much more is awesome. I used to dip while riding my bike, dip while driving, dip while pooping and everything else in between. My whole life revolved around my next fix. Not anymore. It revolves around hobbies, loved ones and finding happiness. It is said so much here but it's so true, you lose nothing quitting dip and you gain everything. Keep on pushing plebes, the other side of 100 feels awesome.
  4. And for any plebes wondering why the old timers are here, because I know I sure did, it's that we spent 17 our how many ever years training our brain for doing that it takes a while to rewire it. There are so many firsts that can crop up and weaken your resolve on the first year it's amazing. And it's seductive. You think that you made it this far you can have one. I don't think I know anyone who was able to have just one. I need to dig up an old post that really helped me frame. Basically I'm here because I want my chance of back sliding to be zero.
  5. Ace

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    Awesome post owl. I was just thinking today how I used to think I needed dip to enjoy everyday activities. How will I take a shit, get through a long car ride, business trip, etc without dip. I thought my life would never be the same but in a negative way. I was so fucking wrong. I enjoy life and everyday activities more without dip and it doesn’t even cross my mind. I burn zero calories thinking about dip on a daily basis, I am completely free and it feels amazing. Fuck dip.
  6. All of the members here quit dipping using the same process, through the accountability offered by this website, and quitting dipping cold turkey. The following was written recently by a member of Quitting Dip. I built up to my quit date for a while…. lurking on this site from time to time. Finally got the balls and made the decision to put myself out there and hold myself accountable, and make myself accountable to others... Making the decision to quit dipping freaked me out a bit. I dipped for the last 15 years or so. About a can a day. Always coming back to it. I always said I'm going to quit dipping but the first sign of stress, or anything really, was used as an excuse to pick up another tin. I definitely needed something to keep me in line. This forum is that something. I am free. Yeah dipping is totally stupid and disgusting. It's sad to be addicted to something that you're embarrassed to be doing, but you still won't quit dipping. I heard so much shit over it from my family for years but I didn't care, my nicotine addiction was more important than my family. I had to ninja dip around wife for years because she thought I'd already quit. Then she finally just accepted it and it was on after that. You know, I never considered myself an addict just because I dipped. Addicts are people addicted to drugs like heroin or pills these days, not a plant that local farmers grow and I grew up working in during summer to make money. I just didn't get it until I started reading stuff on here. Tobacco isn't portrayed as a drug elsewhere. Admitting to myself that I was an addict put things in perspective. Learning about addiction helps with the quitting dipping process. Yes, I'm an addict and wasted over 15 years of my life addicted to nicotine. I'm here to quit and stay quit . I went through some crazy transitions during my early quit. Changed careers, bought a house, moved, had a third baby. All shit that was stressful. None of it was harder without dip. Quite the opposite. Fuck triggers. They are for people who think dip helps any situation. I fucking don't. Every new dude here will understand this, if they are willing to become bad mother fuckers like us. Personally, I made a conscious decision to just not use nicotine anymore, no matter what. When you are certain about a life altering CHOICE like that, and add in the 100% of brotherhood and accountability you will receive at QuittingDip, you will have to willfully choose to use again. There is no way of "slipping" or losing yourself in a moment. QD is 100% effective if you post your promise first thing daily and your word is honorable. Life got better for me when I quit dipping 17 months ago. When you are bored, you should search out some Centurion speeches, and you'll get an idea of what roads we've been down. You should read all those stories, because they all should resonate with you too. It helps to get a feel for each quitter and that helps with forging relationships. The good news is if you do the work and commit yourself to getting your self control back, you will be able to start over in life, no matter how old you are. Just by being here and actively quitting dipping, it is a great start to the rest of your life. I quit with you today.
  7. Fuckit day 64 quit with the plebes
  8. Watchmen was well executed.
  9. 8meds - 2,020 - with Fenster
  10. 8meds - 2,020 - quitting chew with my bros
  11. Owl

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    Eventually I realized that my impulse to dip had become a compulsion to use nicotine. I'd stare at myself in the mirror and tell myself, "just today...just see if you can not dip for one goddam day." By noon I'd be driving to a convenience store or gas station to buy a can. Noon was a huge victory. Often I'd have a chew in my mouth less than an hour later on my way to work. Every dip was my last...swear to god... this is it...dammit...just one more can, one more month. Oh hell, it's not that bad for me. It's not like I'm addicted to heroin or something. My dentist says my teeth look great. I'm killing it at work. This is my one tiny vice...everyone needs one little vice. One little secret. The internal battle was brutal. I hated myself for dipping...but I didn't understand why I hated myself. Then I found this site and I read for hours. Holy SHIT!! I'm not giving something up by quitting, I'm taking everything thing back. Starting with my integrity. Metacognition is a uniquely human ability. Being quit is more than just not dipping. Think about how you think. Think about what's changed in your brain that has allowed you to go from not being able to go a few hours without a chew...to being completely free. Once you understand how powerful accountability + brotherhood truly is, you'll be all in...forever.
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