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  2. Monkey 1281 Chipmunks already singin at my place. 4 year old is stoked this year!
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    Is this the best way Really

    Excuses. Yep, this all seems a bit strange. I thought, I don't see how this can work but I have tried everything else. Everything else didn't offer me a proper attitude to deal with this addiction. Fuck you nicotine I'm not gonna be your bitch anymore. 1200 plus days later my attitude hasn't changed. Of all of the things said Lipi nailed it. Scroll back up to read his post again. You're gonna have to answer that question yourself cause at the end of the day you will only receive your answer by quitting cold turkey. We can't and won't do it for you but you have our support. We have been there and know that this works. I'm not surprised that you aren't getting responses from those other half ass, give me your money methods. They do sometimes try to market their shit here. Fuck them. So, what's next question? Never mind. Why not flush the garbage, post your promise, keep your promise and get on with your life today? Now is the time.