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  1. Cool, I havent read any of her work. Looks like a solid recommendation. When I get into a book I crank through it which makes it a quick spin I suppose.
  2. Started reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Bradley again. Interesting perspective on the Arthurian legend as seen by the priestesses of Avalon. Once And Future King by TH White is a fun and quick spin on Merlin. The Pendragon Cycle by Stephen Lawhead. Its a six book commitment but I enjoyed it when I read it years ago. Any other recommended Arthurian type tales?
  3. When I started modifying this shipping container I bought an angle grinder for cutting windows and a door. Prior to that I never had a use for one. Until a few weeks ago I didnt go to any of the little jobs without a reciprocating saw and angle grinder. My angle grinder took a shit and Im having withdrawals.
  4. Yeah, I would say it is worth watching.
  5. Im not a country fan in general but I gotta agree with this message. Modern country sucks! This tune by Hank II jam is a good one for our times.
  6. Ill see your Slayer and raise an Overkill.
  7. monkey

    Top TV Shows

    Finally got to watch Witcher. Kept me engaged. Hunters was cool until the premise got old and I no longer gave a shit. Better Call Saul is still kicking ass. Interesting to see what they are doing with his relationship with Kim Wexler and Nacho. Been watching Stateless because Yvonne Strahovski is on it. Rapidly beginning to lose interest. Dispatches from Elsewhere is some strange shit. Not sure Ive been paying enough attention to get what is going on at this point.
  8. Kid and I justed watched the original Point Break. Action kicks ass. Acting not so much. Not sure if I wanna watch the remake. He was into it. I think we will do the Pat Bateman Batman trilogy followed by Battle Royale next.
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