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  1. Monkey 1882 with @woosel on the verge of a new millenium
  2. monkey


    https://www.8bitdo.com/sn30-pro-g-classic-or-sn30-pro-sn/ I bought one of these wireless bluetooth game controllers so that I could play Super Mario via emulation on my cheap tablet. So far the only emulator games that are happy on this Fire 7 are the Gameboy Advance games. Even then the sound is wonky but I get to be Mario so fuck it. So far so good.
  3. monkey


    Also, "don't be a pussy", is excellent advice for day 5 of a cold turkey quit cause most people "do be a pussy" before day 5. You want quit, take it, otherwise youll be wondering what to do on day 5 again in the future. You know its true. We are here to tell you the truth and shut your addict down. Most addicts cant deal with it until they are ready to quit. They win. The guys looking for comfort fail and fall back into their excuses the minute its a little hard. Weve all been there and done the above. We have all been pussies and failed. The difference at QD is we are done being pussies about it. Jump on in - waters cold, turkey. @CoachZorbitroy
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