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    12-14-2018 Centurion Quit Scroll

    Monkey 1313 taps foot
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    Is this the best way Really

    Think or say whatever you want about the quitters here, we don't care. We have chosen this path and it works for us. It will not work for you because you already have excuses lined up that say it won't. Excuses. Learning to live a life that isn't riddled with them is the method here. Getting there requires a nut sack and the no bullshit, tired of being controlled by nicotine attitude we have here. If we get a bit flippant it is because you are not special and guys come in with the same ole excuses ridden crap all the time. That said, if you aren't gonna commit to the method thank you for not signing up. This only works when you want it now, today. 1300 days ago I signed on and thought this probably wasn't gonna work for me. Glad I was fucking wrong.