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  1. you earned yourself your first dancing alien quit boner. Solid quit talk there.
  2. I was mad at the world. My patience in traffic was zilch. I would call an old lady a motherfucker just for not getting off the line at a green light fast enough. I didn’t take a dump for 8 or 9 days. I was beginning to be convinced that without dip, I might never bust a grumpy again. I used fake from day 1 on. It did a good job fooling my feeble ass mind. Completely took away all cravings. I ate like a pig. Swedish fish, skittles, pizzas, chips. I didn’t discriminate. I stuffed my face until i was too sick to want a dip. Looking back, I should have exercised or drank a ton of water..... P.S. I crapped on day 9 or 10. Turns out I didn’t need dip. Then I started relishing conquering the firsts without dip. First time I didn’t have to sneak a dip at my kids concert or play. First time i played golf without dip, mowed the yard without dip, made the excuse that the car needed gas so I could drive around and dip. Addicts are dumb but you don’t realize how truly fucking stupid you were until you become quit.
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