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    Not sure if Nebraska is a state or a Springsteen album?
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    Steel Panther, Deathmatch Wrestling, Great Lakes Freighters, Extreme Horror Flix, My Kids, Roller Coasters, All Detroit Pro teams and Sparty
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  1. Thumblewort

    12-16-2018 Plebe Quit Scroll

    What's with all the pussies lately?
  2. thumble somehow has to go back to the shopping world again quit 1717. WTF?
  3. Thumblewort

    12-12-2018 Centurion Quit Scroll

    Thumble 1714
  4. Thumblewort

    12-11-2018 Centurion Quit Scroll

    Thumble 1713
  5. Thumblewort

    12-09-2018 Centurion Quit Scroll

    Redzone with my dad, my son, and a priest today, better watch my language! 1711
  6. It's the "once a year I go to the dreaded mall to get the Christmas shopping done" day from hell 1710 quit