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  1. Jfrank

    Plebe Pen

    Coming up on 500, I've done alot of thinking. Since I've been quit, I've been in control of so much more of my life. Knowing that for 8 years I was a slave hurts, but knowing that for the next 60 I will be able to enjoy life so much more is awesome. I used to dip while riding my bike, dip while driving, dip while pooping and everything else in between. My whole life revolved around my next fix. Not anymore. It revolves around hobbies, loved ones and finding happiness. It is said so much here but it's so true, you lose nothing quitting dip and you gain everything. Keep on pushing plebes, the other side of 100 feels awesome.
  2. Jfrank

    Plebe Pen

    Anyone trying to lose some extra lbs before the holidays head to the health and fitness thread. Got some money on it to incentivise
  3. "Despite predating Niagara Falls and Nosferatu, the Betty White of running backs, Franklin Delano Gore, continues to truck through various whippersnappers." yahoo writers deserve a raise
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