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  1. Maggs

    Need help

    Are these guys like trolls?
  2. Aside from getting ready for your day, you can journal, excersize, or meditate. That's generally what I hear from people who are "successful." all of the above will help with quitting as well...meditating to relieve stress that causes cravings, excersize the same, journaling because it helps to get your thought out on paper instead of rolling around in your head like a fucking rock tumbler.
  3. I have found that the smarter you are the harder it is to quit because you always logic your way to convince you it's good to do anything you want to do. That was something pointed out by my AA friend For me it was either "well so and so has done it more often than me for 50 years and no cancer." The other was "ah well I'm so stressed and I can't drink or smoke weed in the middle of the day so here you are." When really there is any number amount of thing one can do to relieve stress. I think just stopping and focusing on something else can help. That is why dip came in because it
  4. That's a good point. I have a friend who did AA and he said the definition of addiction is when it stops you from living your life... For example sneaking dips in your car instead of being with your family etc. Or maybe that's just how I justify the occasional nightcap, ha.
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