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    Top TV Shows

    Start of the pilot of the gym this afternoon. The combination of James Franco, and that pimps hairdo might kill it for me. does the small town girl get naked in the first episode?
  2. Good to see you on the scroll, so you don't have to sit around with that internal debate about whether to chew or not today. That debate, one foot in and one foot out, is what makes stopping so difficult. Burn the fucking boats, say "NO MORE FUCKING DIP" "FUCK DIP" "FUCK OFF DIP" and any other variation you can think of, and feel like a quitter. Wait you already said all that when you said "DAY 1" Don't be scared. You've never quit before. This is easy if you stop waffling. You have a few uncomfortable days ahead, then pure freedom. Get hard.
  3. Lipi

    Top TV Shows

    Had never heard of it, gracias. Been watching Ballers. Pretty good. Entourage if Vince was straight.
  4. Lipi

    Top TV Shows

    It took me way longer than it should have for me to figure out that Lane Price was supposed to be a Russian, and not some English consultant that the Russians paid or a defector.
  5. Just different ones, probably. Yup Not when you're on day 2. You tried to white knuckle it. What were your reasons? Why weren't those reasons important a few hours later? Try it again with a plan, and some advice/support.
  6. Lip 1960 we use our time zones, not theirs. Regardless of not missing a day, he's fucking up and on cave trajectory.
  7. Lip- Utah gimme 2 (steak) sammiches
  8. Lipi


    Dig the info on 3 vs 4 though...
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