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  1. I could see using that to make breakfasts for camp outs, and maybe some philly cheese steaks... what were your other ideas @Dood? 7 times a year seems like enough to justify buying a nice add-on like that. other grilling news- I've adjusted my rib cooking to include three hours in the oven at 225-250, then cranking the heat when I light the outdoor grill. Much easier than my old routine which was shorter duration in the oven.
  2. The withdrawal symptoms of quitting dip really hit me hard for a few days. I had trouble sleeping. And by "trouble" I mean I had insomnia, and cold sweats if I managed to drift off for a little while. I had headaches, and was "foggy" as fuck. I don't recall being super irritable. Just count to 10 before you respond to anyone that is being a fucking idiot. But without a doubt, my biggest problem was the oral fixation. I fought this with a constant hard candy in my mouth. I used Sees candies butterscotch suckers. Some dudes liked red hots, or atomic fire balls, and I think that would have made more sense, but whatever. Just get something in your mouth. You don't need to deal with oral withdrawal along with the chemical withdrawal. I really recommend fake dip to quit dipping. I'll get to that later. I think my worst day was day 4 or 5, I can't even remember anymore. Because like pain, you don't really remember this shit vividly. It's just something you go through, and then it's over. You don't sit around with traumatic memories. You're not being raped by withdrawal. It's a dull discomfort. And then it's gone. There is some time distortion, and it seems like every minute of withdrawal is an hour. That's why it's important to try to stay busy. Work out. It burns time, and that nervous energy you can"t get rid of during withdrawal when you're quitting dipping. It makes you thirsty. The more water you drink, the faster this poison get's flushed out of your body. What happened around day 4 or 5 that made it not only the worst, but also the last bad days? I was obsessing about dip. I was fantasizing about having one. I wasn't quit yet. Then, a switch flipped. My attitude unfucked. Fuck you dip! Burning rage at the addiction. Also, I was probably just about done with the actual physical symptoms, so since I survived pushing through, every day got easier. Much easier. And I discovered fake chew. I mean, in previous attempts to quit dipping I had used Jakes, or Back off, or whatever. But that was my whole strategy at that point. Like, I'll put this fake shit in, and it will completely replace my addiction. Totally retarded. It doesn't do shit, and we all know it. BUT.... In combination with the method here... which is 100% effective if you have testicles, and pretty effective if you are a lady apparently... fake is awesome.
  3. You might act like you're being pressured to quit dipping right now... But you're not. We actually don't give a fuck about you, until you quit dipping. Then you're one of us. We can't pressure you, because we don't know you. And that's the way this works. You will never be able to quit dipping until you're ready to quit dipping for you.
  4. You can't quit dipping by using a different form of nicotine. Your gums might feel better for a while, (until the inevitable switch back to dip, if you try to stopping chewing tobacco that way) but you're maintaining the same level of nicotine in your body. Weaning sucks too, dude. Why drag out withdrawal for 10 weeks, when you can get that shit behind you in 5 days? Plus, acting like nicotine is in charge is no way to quit dipping. Even if you're scared right now, start making decisions like you have a pair of testicles, and your mind will follow your actions and words. Take ownership of your life.
  5. Sounds like that was a major problem for you 8meds. Too bad no one was able to tell you what a spitter was. If dip spit on your cock got you here, though, it's for the best.
  6. If you leave the door open, it's best to run a hose from the tailpipe to wherever you're trying to kill someone.
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