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Found 2 results

  1. Prior to having my eyes opened as to the kind of brotherhood that will develop among quitters, some of the aspects of quitting dip that I could easily understand were the consequences of NOT quitting dip. I immediately gravitated towards a story which completely crystallized those consequences, the story of a man taken too soon as a result of his nicotine addiction. The story of the Kern Family, as chronicled by Tom Kern's wife Jenny and daughter Mackenzie, is both heartbreaking and inspiring. My short and completely inadequate summary of the story is that of a devoted family man who wouldn't recognize the dangers of his addiction, and who just never got around to quitting dip, until it was too late. His fight against cancer, his emotional passing, and the real aftermath of his death, (an aftermath that none of us ever consider when selfishly using chewing tobacco), shook me to the core the first time I read it. I urge anyone thinking about quitting dip to read the story in it's entirety. Start at the bottom and work your way back up.If you think you don't have the time, the most recent entry in the blog by Mackenzie encapsulates the biggest reason I am now quit. Several months ago I took a few minutes to reach out and let the family know what it meant to me, and I heard back from Jenny. She related that although talking about Tom still makes her cry 10 years later, it warms her heart whenever she hears from someone that Tom has inspired, and that she is amazed by how many people Tom's life and her words have helped quit chew. She said that she would pass along the message to her kids and that they also appreciate knowing that others are still being helped by Tom. I would be remiss if I didn't make sure the link was on our site.
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