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Found 2 results

  1. When you're finally ready to quit and you join the quitter community, one of the first things the members will tell you is "Make sure you get as many numbers as you can." This is likely going to strike you as odd. That's okay. It was uncomfortable for me back in the day. When you give your number out here, you are free to put limits on how it should be used. And, of course, you are free to keep your number private. But there are several good reasons to step out of your comfort zone to share a number.... 1. Sometimes you won't have internet access- If you are away from a computer, you will need to have someone's phone number. You need to post roll, and if you text someone they can make sure you get your name on that day's quit scroll. 2. Someday you might be in trouble- You don't want to wait until you are white knuckling it in the middle of some sort of crisis to realize you wish you had someone to talk to. Someone who knows what you're going through, someone who has quit the same shit, someone who will calmly remind that you that a dip isn't going to make anything better. 3. Someday your quit bro might be in trouble- We give back around here. We exchange numbers not only to help ourselves, but to help others. While you might be having a great day in your quit, one of your bros might be in trouble. Having your number might be the difference between him using and not using. 4. It takes your quit to the next level- How? Because it makes it harder to disappear. When you quit with us, your quit is tied to ours. We're quitting together. And you can't just walk away when 5-10 people have your phone number. You can trust the members of this site not to abuse any personal information (like a phone number) that you choose to share, but if you go missing, guys are going to text you to make sure you are okay. They are going to ask why you aren't here anymore. If you're now thinking, "What if I WANT to walk away some day? I don't want guys to have my number if I am trying to walk away from this. What if they start annoying me?" Then you're not quit. Not today, and certainly not on that day you choose to stop posting. You're just stopping until your next chew. But to that point, you don't need to worry about people bothering you if you want to start chewing again. Just tell one person that you decided you would rather dip than be free, and you'll be left alone. I'll never walk away from quitting. So NO ONE will ever text me to ask me "Where the fuck have you been for the last week". If I ever go missing for ONE DAY, I want to get 100 calls. If I don't respond, I want dudes to look me up and call my wife, and find out what happened to me. She'll give you the unfortunate news that I'm in a coma, or I died. Because I will never go an entire day without reaching out to someone, and saying "It's Lipi. I'm in fucking jail. This is my one call. Post my quit date, then tell Mitch which jail I'm in and to get me out, and oh yeah, call my wife and tell her why I didn't come home last night." That's MY fucking quit. Are you ready to quit? If not, why not?
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