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Found 1 result

  1. I was just thinking about my old addict behavior. I will always be an addict but this behavior will be gone from my life: 1. I used to only wear cargo shorts whenever I "had to go somewhere in a non-friendly dipping environment" because I could store a can in the right lower pocket and cram a handful of fast food napkins on the outer side of the can to hide the round indentation protruding from my shorts. 2. I would only buy the 16 oz aluminum bottled beer (unless it was Sam Adams Octoberfest season) because they were the perfect camouflaged spitter and were spill proof. I used to use aluminum cans but it became a chore to dump out the 2-3 full spitters in the toilet every night, plus the aluminum bottles were reusable. No sense in pouring a new pop or beer in the sink just to use the can. 3. I became aware that I don't really square myself up with people when I'm talking face to face with them. I would always be talking and kind of looking to the side or down from them so the air of my exhaled speech would not hit them in the face. 4. I visit the dentist 3 times a year even though my insurance only pays for twice a year cleanings. I don't know how much cash out of pocket I've spent at the dentist over the years. 5. Hiding in the garage/basement for an hour after dinner is definitely something I can't wait to make amends of. It's like "Where's Waldo" at my house and I'm Waldo! I'm sure that you all have similar addict behaviors like these in the past. What's nice is these are all stupid things we are eliminating in our lives by standing together against the nic bitch, one day at a time. Anyone else want to share their thoughts? Click here to follow the path to Lies Addicts Tell
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