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  1. Owl


    I…am…QUIT! In my first post on my intro I said that I do not take this lightly, and I still don’t. I take it even more seriously today than I did on Day 1. I drank deeply of the QD wisdom over the last 110 days and I’m enormously proud to say that I am quit. In fact, I’m quit as fuck. I will never go back to being a user…a sucker…a punk-ass loser. Being quit is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I quit cold turkey like a badass. I found this site one evening, read for a few hours, spit out that last cat turd and made-up my mind that I would post on the scroll the next morning. I used for over half my life! I will always regret being such a goddam pussy for so long, constantly thinking of excuses to be away from my friends and family to dip: sneaking…hiding…lying…cheating. I felt like shit, looked like shit, smelled like shit...I was a piece of shit. I carried around bottles of my shit-stained spit in my fucking briefcase. WTF??!? Ugh. I can’t get that time back, but I can sure as hell be quit and help others to be the same. I battle my addiction every day with a post on the scroll. My name and my number of days quit is my promise, to my partners in quit, that I will not use nicotine today. Every day is important. Posting my promise is the FIRST thing I do every day. Wake…piss…post. Every…fucking…day. For the rest of my life. My post helps me and it helps others. We are quit for ourselves, but we are quit with one another. A + B = Q Accountability plus brotherhood equals QUIT. The accountability part is simple: post, don’t use, repeat EDD. The brotherhood part is equally simple and equally important, but not as easy to describe. This is a band of brothers…a tribe…an alliance against a daemon we each must battle every day. That daemon is our addictions and she is ruthless, patient, immortal, and pure evil. It’s safe to say that we all tried to battle her alone, and we all failed. So we’ve joined forces. We hold one another accountable and we build deep relationships – through both mindless banter and serious fucking shit – to enhance and strengthen that accountability. You can’t have one without the other, it’s the combination of the two that makes the formula work. And the best part of being quit? Turns out winning is even more addictive than nicotine. Beating nicotine every day has helped me realize that there’s nothing holding me back from anything. I dipped...a lot; now all I do is win. Just as light is the opposite of dark and good is the opposite of evil – QUIT is the opposite of loser. Be quit or be nicotine’s bitch…it's an easy choice when you admit the truth. The more you give to that tin of dip, the more it will demand from you. Conversely, the more you give to this community, the more it will give you in return. There’s joy, and laughter, and friendship, and strength and power in here. There’s nothing but loneliness and death in that tin. Thank you, QD. I am quit with you.
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