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  1. You gotta be quitting dip for yourself. Whenever someone mentions that another person is happy with their efforts it always raises a red flag with me. I ask myself whether this person is quitting dipping for themselves or someone else? Who owns your quit? Think about it. Quitting dipping for them never worked before, so don’t quit dip for them now. The good news is that by quitting for YOU, everyone else benefits by default. Make a promise not to Dip today, and put your name on the scroll. Being on the scroll gives you a 100% chance of being quit today, versus low odds of some other dud
  2. Like you, before coming to this site we all thought that "quitting" meant giving something-up. That we'd spend the rest of our lives missing dip. What you'll soon learn is that you won't miss a thing. Everything is so much better without dip. Driving, working, watching TV, taking a crap, it's all better without nicotine. The next few days are going to suck. A lot. But we all did it; and as long as you're not a giant pussy, you can too. Jump in, quit hard, freedom is just around the corner. This whole fucking site is nothing but a ton of quit disguised as guys playing grab ass, so le
  3. Do you think you are going to "miss" dip, if you quit dipping? Do you feel like dip is your friend, a constant companion? A trusted buddy who is always there for you when you need it? That lucky charm which is always with you in the good times? That kind of thinking is poison when it’s time quit dipping. We call it dip “romancing”. In order to be successful, you have to change your whole mindset. It’s not that hard, because dip romancing is all a lie. Dip isn’t your friend. It’s a parasite. It wasn’t your companion, it was an anchor you were dragging along. It wasn’t there to help any needs
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