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Found 18 results

  1. You gotta be quitting dip for yourself. Whenever someone mentions that another person is happy with their efforts it always raises a red flag with me. I ask myself whether this person is quitting dipping for themselves or someone else? Who owns your quit? Think about it. Quitting dipping for them never worked before, so don’t quit dip for them now. The good news is that by quitting for YOU, everyone else benefits by default. Make a promise not to Dip today, and put your name on the scroll. Being on the scroll gives you a 100% chance of being quit today, versus low odds of some other dud
  2. Like you, before coming to this site we all thought that "quitting" meant giving something-up. That we'd spend the rest of our lives missing dip. What you'll soon learn is that you won't miss a thing. Everything is so much better without dip. Driving, working, watching TV, taking a crap, it's all better without nicotine. The next few days are going to suck. A lot. But we all did it; and as long as you're not a giant pussy, you can too. Jump in, quit hard, freedom is just around the corner. This whole fucking site is nothing but a ton of quit disguised as guys playing grab ass, so le
  3. Do you think you are going to "miss" dip, if you quit dipping? Do you feel like dip is your friend, a constant companion? A trusted buddy who is always there for you when you need it? That lucky charm which is always with you in the good times? That kind of thinking is poison when it’s time quit dipping. We call it dip “romancing”. In order to be successful, you have to change your whole mindset. It’s not that hard, because dip romancing is all a lie. Dip isn’t your friend. It’s a parasite. It wasn’t your companion, it was an anchor you were dragging along. It wasn’t there to help any needs
  4. We are all wired differently, but as far as I am concerned there is only one way to quit dipping, and we have to do the work to wire ourselves to quit dipping like that. There is no physical withdrawal from quitting dip after the first 5 or 6 days, at most. If you are feeling like a vagina, maybe you need someone to tell you. If you have actually quit dipping, you closed the door on nicotine. Fuck craves, you fucking bitch. Goddamn motherfucking pussy. I wired myself to think that way. Just keep repeating it. I slammed the door. Burned the ships. Built a fortress between me and dip. Why can't
  5. Have you “quit dipping” before, only to start up again after a few weeks or months, or even years? First of all, you didn’t actually quit dipping, because “Quit” is permanent. You were temporarily stopped. What were you doing the first time you dipped again, to end your stoppage? Were you looking for a buzz? Feeling stressed out and thought that dip cures stress? Were you trying to hurt someone? Trying to hurt yourself? Got drunk? Have you ever thought about it? because that moment when you fucked yourself should be important to you. It often gets brushed over by losers who don't understand
  6. Maybe you’ve already done enough reading around the site to know that your story is not unique, and that your addiction doesn't seem out of place with what we all used to do, before we got help to quit dipping. Or maybe this is your first visit to Quitting Dip. There was hardly any moment of any day where I wasn't getting my fix. Every waking moment. No buzz, no reason to be doing it... other than scratching that never ending itch. Does that sound like something I was getting enjoyment out of? Or does it sound like someone totally fucking addicted who is letting a drug run every facet of life
  7. When the Corona lockdown started, I bet a lot of you guys who haven’t quit dipping yet, [or who are new to the Quitting Dip community], were worried about running out of dip. I bet you hoarded dip.I bet you that you ordered more than you ever had before, perhaps bought a brand you didn’t “like” as much, because “What if I run out of the good stuff”? I bet you felt sorry for the guys who couldn’t find any dip, but told yourself you would quit as soon as you ran out…. Only to ensure you never ran out, because you would make special trips out just to go to the convenience store to load up. Sure,
  8. You have decided to quit dipping. Welcome to the greatest decision you have ever made in your life. Find today’s Quitting Dip Plebe Scroll, and put the number 1 next to your name. Make your promise to yourself, and to us, that you will not use tobacco or nicotine of any form today. We all make this promise every morning. For new guys this promise is the grounding that keeps you from dipping throughout the day. For those of us who KNOW that we have quit dipping, the daily promise is a way to remember the addiction and stave off complacency. The fight against nicotine addiction is an ongoing
  9. All of the members here quit dipping using the same process, through the accountability offered by this website, and quitting dipping cold turkey. The following was written recently by a member of Quitting Dip. Quitting when I was in college didn't seem like that big a deal, and there's no way I could have quit without knowing what a big deal quitting dip actually is. Took me 20 years to find these dudes and quit dipping. I hope you realize that saving your life is a very big fucking deal, and that you use this resource to the fullest, in order to quit dipping. I had always told myself th
  10. Are you here because you are having a health scare? Do you have a little boo boo in your mouth that you think is cancer? Well, it’s probably not. Does that mean it’s not time to quit dipping? Does your throat hurt real bad? Think you’re going to have to use one of those vibrator things for the rest of your life? Fuck your pain in the throat, pussy. It means nothing. It’s probably not related to your chewing. Does that make you want to chew again? If so, pack your bags, bitch. We didn’t quit dipping because of a sore throat, we didn’t quit dipping because our doctor said to, and we didn’t quit
  11. You need to talk like a quitter to quit dipping. Words are powerful. Never allow weak shit to come out of your mouth, or in any post you put up on this site. Even if you might not believe you are as quit as fuck, start talking like it, because then you are.. Chewing tobacco is not a "crutch"". Chew will not make you feel better when you are angry. Dip wasn't doing anything for you during the times you were using it, except alleviating withdrawal from nicotine... using dip caused endorphins to be released, because dip controlled your brain chemistry, and therefore owned your ass. After quitting
  12. If you are looking for a support group to help quit dipping, all of the members here quit dipping using the same process, through the accountability offered by this website, and going cold turkey. The following was written recently by a member of Quitting Dip. Brotherhood and accountability has freed me from nearly a quarter century of slavery to nicotine before I found help with Quitting Dip. Time slipped by me like a fart in the wind. I pissed away my prime years so I could sneak away to shovel dog crap into my mouth and my face. I missed out on girls, friends, education, love
  13. Today is my 1776 day of quit. Many of you “undecideds” will look at that number as out-of-reach, not attainable. I’m here to tell you it is within your grasp. But you’ll never get here without a day one. I chewed for 32+ years, always kicking the “quit” can down the road. Like others, I tried to quit on my own … and made it about 37 days before finding an online support group. My quit was drowning, struggling to keep it together. When I registered, I found multiple hands reaching out, trying to keep my head above water. You know what, it worked. QuittingDip.com saved my life, literally
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