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  1. I quit dipping cold turkey. It works. I created an account on this site and posted on the day’s scroll. It worked. It will work. Quitting dipping has changed my life. It has bettered my life immeasurably. I was a different person before QUIT. I had misaligned goals and priorities. I saw the world and myself from a warped and distorted perspective. I was tied up in knots and stuck in the upside down. Nicotine was a mask that I hid behind. It was something I used to hide myself from my insecurities. I am not perfect. That bothered me. I based my self worth on other people’s opinions of m
  2. I started dipping when I was about 16 with my friends after lacrosse practice. It seemed pretty harmless right? All the cool guys did it, I wanted to fit in. From then on it slowly went from once a week... to every day... to becoming a compulsive need. Before you know it you're in college, and you’re dipping all night because you think it helps you study. After that you start dipping in class and swallowing the spit. Straight down your throat. As if you're being fucked in the mouth by a prison cellmate and you decide you might as well just take it all in . Now I know that is an outrageous anal
  3. Before I quit dipping I was sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself. I had just put in my last pinch and didn’t feel like going to the store to buy another can. I had a bag of [chaw brand redacted*] from an attempt to switch it up, but it still wasn’t [dip brand redacted*]. The longest I had gone without dip was in Basic training, and that was merely 4 months. Since then I had eaten a can a day for the subsequent 4 years. I searched “how to quit dip” it took me to reddit.com and had a link to QuittingDip.com. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw dudes that were years into quitting
  4. My back story is very similar to numerous others here, so I don’t feel I need to go over it in detail. The short version is that I made a lot of bad decisions when I was young and chewed snuff for over 30 years, before I found this place and quit dipping. I am not saying any of this was easy because it was not, I have had my ups and my downs just like everyone else. I am very happy and proud of my Quitting Dipping. For me the 2 most important differences between my Permanent Quit and all the previous stoppages are Accountability and recognizing and admitting I have an Addiction to nicotine.
  5. I didn't write anything for my first 100 days of quitting dip because I felt like I had nothing really to celebrate nor to be proud of. Quitting dip was just something that I believed I had to do, and I did it. The next 100 days threw me for a loop. I battled with a few personal issues. Watched my life fall apart in front of my eyes and kept sitting on the sideline blaming everyone else for my mistakes and issues. But with everything going on I stayed quit. Every problem, obstacle and end of the world issue that came my way which used to “require” a dip, was overcome. The belief that dipping
  6. Are you here to find people that will support you during this "attempt”... a group that will pick you back up when you “couldn’t get through the day" without a little dip? Think we’re going to pet your head and tell you everything is going to be okay when you fail? Forget it. We don’t accept failure here, and there are no excuses to use nicotine once you find your nuts. Are we going to support you when you need help to deal with all of the "cravings" that ruined your last “attempt" to quit dipping? Yes. And you can do this. But there is no sugar coating this. The next few days will suck... yo
  7. Before I quit dipping, like everyone else, I was always worried about where my dip was and how much I had left. I had a database of every gas station that had [redacted brand name*] , and never went without it. I eventually “wised up”, and started ordering two 5-can logs that I picked up every Monday. So, I was dipping at least 10 tins a week, but would often have to pick up one or two to get me through the weekend. I really never said to myself that I am going to quit dipping someday. I thought it was my identity, and I was in such denial, that I convinced myself that all of the h
  8. Just by being here and reading this. you have your foot in the door. Quitting Dipping is simple, but it is not easy. We are here to make it easier, but this quitting dip support group does not offer unconditional help. You have to pay the piper… that means posting scroll every day, buying in, and unfucking your head when it comes to quit. Eliminate ‘try”, “hope”, and “want to” from your quit vocabulary. Just do it. Eliminate the excuses. Every step you add between you and dip is a good one. Every trigger ( ) you remove from your life now is a good thing. People here will actively tr
  9. When I was 44 years old with three children I was a total slave to nicotine, with a can a day "habit". I was sitting with my wife in a church at a friend's funeral. She was 40 years old with two kids, and a “light smoker” that just passed away from lung cancer. As I watched her husband and two sons stand in front of everyone and talk… I don't remember what they were talking about… I was a mess in the back of that church thinking about what a spoiled, selfish piece of shit I was for continuing to poison myself. I looked at my wife and said, "I'm done. I am quitting dip." "I can't do that t
  10. Ready to quit dipping, and wondering if you can do it? Will it be too hard? Prepare for the worst, and deal with the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal as they come. What is the timeline of quitting dip? I never had anywhere near as much trouble as I did during that first week. I was dealing with insomnia, cold sweats, headaches, etc. That could be down the road for you, or you might find a way to head those symptoms off, whether through exercise, drinking water, or using oral fixation substitutes like hard candy, seeds, or fake chew. Listen to the wide variety of advice guys will give you here,
  11. Before finding Quitting Dip, I was using a substance that was going to be the death of me. Of course, for most of the time that I was dipping, I blocked out that reality. Then I made a decision that has since changed my life. I made the decision to quit dipping. The night I put the can down for good, I searched the internet for “tricks to quit dipping.” The thing I found is that there are no “tricks,” none that actually work. There is only one way to quit dipping, cold turkey. If you’re reading this and are thinking about quitting dipping, the method on this website works. Accountability is t
  12. Maybe you’ve already done enough reading around the site to know that your story is not unique, and that your addiction doesn't seem out of place with what we all used to do, before we got help to quit dipping. Or maybe this is your first visit to Quitting Dip. There was hardly any moment of any day where I wasn't getting my fix. Every waking moment. No buzz, no reason to be doing it... other than scratching that never ending itch. Does that sound like something I was getting enjoyment out of? Or does it sound like someone totally fucking addicted who is letting a drug run every facet of life
  13. If you are looking for a quit dipping support group, all of the members here quit dipping using the same process, through the accountability offered by this website, and quitting dipping cold turkey. The following was written recently by a member of Quitting Dip. I was able to quit dipping because I give these guys my word daily. Somehow the days add up and you become the man you were supposed to be. No one was created to be a slave to a plant. I know now that it was holding me back. Keeping me from enjoying life to the fullest. Making me look small to friends and family. Contributin
  14. I started Dipping and smoking around the age of 16. Most of my good buddies were doing it so it seemed like the social thing to do. My addiction grew in my college years and got to the point prior to my quit where the only time I didn't have a dip in my mouth seemed to be when I was sleeping or eating. Ultimately I got fed up with being controlled Many of us open this door thinking that quitting dipping is about doing it for other people or external reasons; everything and everyone but ourselves. While many others in your life will benefit when you quit dipping, they will have no influenc
  15. The reason that you’ve never been able to quit dipping in the past is that you did it your way. Guess what? Your way sucks and doesn't work, obviously. So you need to quit dipping the QD way, which includes interacting with people who have been where you are right now. My quit is basically self-perpetuating at this point. Because I invested heavily in the brotherhood and accountability method at the onset of my quit and now it's deeply ingrained. That's how to quit dipping. Nothing makes me think about dip, nothing worries me, I don't give a fuck about chewing tobacco, cigarettes, or c
  16. Once I realized that this method of quitting dip was gonna work, where no others had, the next thing I did was start telling the people in my life that I had quit dipping, in order to kill that sneaky addict who had become my identity for over 30 years. Your willingness to shine a light on your addiction outside of this forum is a strong indication that you are actually quit. I told people that previously had no idea I even dipped, and I worked with them every day for years. Sneaky bastard with a dip on one side and some extra strength gum on the other. I let nicotine own me. You need t
  17. Stop thinking about it, and quit dipping. This forum is fairly simple, post your daily promise to quit dip, make it 24 hours, then do it again. Soon the days will turn into weeks, weeks into months. Just remember to start your day with that little quit pill- your daily promise… that’s all the help you need to quit chewing tobacco. Commit yourself to quitting dipping. The folks here provide encouragement and accountability if you interact with them… we’re all from different walks of life, yet we’re all the same. People who have gotten help to quit chewing. Take advantage of the resou
  18. Okay... remember when we were just starting and trying out the methods we use here at Quitting Dip? Remember how desperate you were? How many times you had tried to quit? Back when you didn't really think it would be possible to quit dipping? Back when you thought this method was nonsense? Like "how could posting a number on a website actually work, where everything other known method of quitting chewing tobacco has failed me for years or decades?". The method we preach here seems like an illusion, a con. There's no way it could work. But you'll try anything at this point. Then IT FUCKING WORK
  19. Have you “quit dipping” before, only to start up again after a few weeks or months, or even years? First of all, you didn’t actually quit dipping, because “Quit” is permanent. You were temporarily stopped. What were you doing the first time you dipped again, to end your stoppage? Were you looking for a buzz? Feeling stressed out and thought that dip cures stress? Were you trying to hurt someone? Trying to hurt yourself? Got drunk? Have you ever thought about it? because that moment when you fucked yourself should be important to you. It often gets brushed over by losers who don't understand
  20. Wake, piss, get on Quitting Dip, post to scroll to show us that you have quit dipping. Once that promise is made, there is no option to use any form of nicotine ... period. Do it early, every damn day, without fail. Will power is POWER. Bowing to your "nicotine cravings" is weakness. Choose power over weakness. Embrace the fact you have quit dipping.. Use your scroll post as daily affirmation that you ARE quit. It's an old saying among quitters, "The road to quit is littered with the bodies of the weak." Take charge, quit chewing tobacco, and burn the boats… make it impossible to go ba
  21. All of the members here quit dipping using the same process, through the accountability offered by this website, and quitting dipping cold turkey. The following was written recently by a member of Quitting Dip. All through my college years I always said this: -"I'll quit dipping at the end of the semester" -"I'll quit dipping when I get my next serious girlfriend" -"I'm quitting dip now that I'm single" -"I'll quit dipping when I graduate" -"I'll quit dipping when I get a real job" But each and every time, those milestones came and went with me still fucking
  22. Are you quitter? Long-term (forever) quits come with the aid of a kick ass support group. You've got one here. If there is one thing we demand from you as a member of this community, it's posting your promise to quit dipping every morning... Wake, Piss, post scroll. Make it routine. Promise us, and yourself that you will not use nicotine for the day (in any forms BTW, this is a zero tolerance site). Keep your promise. Days will start stacking. Just look around at all the users in the world - do you envy them for being Big Tobacco's bitch? You shouldn't. You should feel stronger
  23. All of the members here quit dipping using the same process, through the accountability offered by this website, and quitting dipping cold turkey. The following was written recently by a member of Quitting Dip. For me it's about doing whatever it takes to never have anyone look for me or question my commitment. A commitment to quit dipping, so I am no longer living like a shallow, selfish and sneaky addict everyday. I am grateful that these guys will hold my feet to the fire if I don't show up. It won't come in the form of a “hope all is well and by the way are you gonna post today?” I fu
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