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  1. So you are a nicotine addict. When you first stuffed your face with Hawkins or took your first puff off a Marlboro, you were cool. You weren't some kid playing with Legos anymore. You grew out your stubble and grew some courage to walk into the 7-11 and ask for a 3 pack of Trojans and a can of Cope without making eye contact with the man behind the counter. Now you are older, and spitting in water bottles and emptying ash trays in the Walmart parking lot is not anyone's version of "being cool". You have begun to notice things in your life that you detest now. They include: Health issuesSmoking and dipping are extremely dangerous to my health or is ruining my healthI have lost my sense of smell, until I open my spit bottle in my 120 degree truck (yuck)It bothers me to be dependent on cigarettes and CopeSmoking gives me very bad breathI notice my gums are eroding from chewing tobaccoI frequently have a sore throat from smoking and dippingI would have more energy if I did not smokeChewing gum all the time has loosened up my fillingsI fear that quitting smoking or chewing will make me gain weight. Quitting smoking does not make you gain weight. You gain weight by over-eating. The people who gain weight when they quit smoking are those who keep putting food in their mouth instead of tobacco.Cosmetic issuesMy cigarette smoke leaves an unpleasant smellI have nicotine stains on my fingers.I am getting wrinkles from smoking.My teeth are discolored from smoking and dipping.Social issuesI am losing contact with my non-smoking friendsPeople think dipping is dirty so I became a ninja dipperMy second-hand smoke is dangerous to those around meI miss time away from loved ones because I smoke in the garage on weekendsMy cigarette smoke bothers other peopleI have to stand outside in the cold to smokeSpitting in public bothers peopleI have become a recluse and a sneak to hide my addiction from loved onesMy sister won't talk to me after her daughter drank out of my Dr Pepper can spitterSometimes I litter when I discard cigarette butts or toss empty cans on the interstateFinancial issuesI spend too much money on the nicotineMy life insurance premiums have increasedI burned holes in my clothingAll my jeans have Skoal rings and I can't wear those to churchMy curtains need to be replaced because they have turned yellowMy carpet in the truck is permanently crusted from spilled spittersNow you realize that you have become a nicotine addict. I know that because you are reading this on quittingdip.com and are trying to find out everything you can about how to quit. You spend 5 minutes searching the house for your lighter, and then just use the stove burner to light one. How many lighters have you had to buy this year already? Or you left your can in the jacket you threw on the back of the chair in your basement, and now you are at your daughter's softball game and you FORGOT YOUR CAN! We've all been there before. That list above are things that all addicts subliminally are aware of, but the Nic Cage (that is what we call nicotine around here) whispers to us that we are friends. I know I was that way too. I was a dipper and smoker for years until I found brotherhood with bad ass quitters you will meet here. No one will say it is easy. There is no patch or magic pill. You have to want it. I know you do. You wouldn't be here if you weren't ready to take back control of your life. This is your chance to be reborn; to become "cool" again. Hell, after a few months around this bunch, you might want to play with Legos again. Thanks for reading. Any questions, click on the Live Chat and I'm sure someone will come in there with you and greet you. If at this point you are ready to join us, then go register for membership and proceed to post your name on the Plebe Quit Scroll.
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