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Found 3 results

  1. These were some of my old standards- 1. I just can't say no to myself. I love myself too much to deny myself. 2. I won't be able to function at work without it. 3. What if I kill someone from road rage trying to drive without it? 4. I won't be able to control the time of day I shit without it, and can't use public toilets. .
  2. Centurion Quit Scroll (& Legionnaires) BAD ASS QUITTERS Quit Chewing Tobacco : Quit Dipping : Cold Turkey Quit QUIT THE SHIT OUT OF THAT SHIT
  3. "The a+b=q should be in a science magazine or something." - thejoeformidable That line from Joe, written on day 26 of his quit, is interesting. What would that science magazine say? How can that formula be expanded upon to explain it to the average dipper, peeking through the windows into this site? How does quitting with A+B=Q work? Accountability + Brotherhood = Quit. Accountability: a willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions. Here that means making a promise not to use nicotine first thing every morning, and keeping that word. We make no excuses, and we accept no excuses from anyone else. In the end we are here for only one reason, to quit dip. If you don’t show up every morning to make that promise, you are not committed to this group. If you use dip after making your promise here, you have no integrity, and this is not the place for you. Everyone here quits every day. There are a few definitions of brotherhood which are appropriate for this community. 1. Brotherhood: An alliance to support the furtherance of a particular interest.. (like a trade group or lobby etc). You can think of it like that. A group of dudes who get together to push an agenda. The agenda? Quitting Dipping. Quitting with as many tobacco users as are willing to work with us here. 2. Brotherhood: The state of being brothers. This one may be harder to understand. How do you become brothers with people from the internet? I clearly recall being dubious when experienced quitters would talk of “the brotherhood”. Reminded me of this scene. As in, No thanks, I don’t need internet “brothers” I have real friends. A year later, I can say that I have “real” friends here, some of whom I have met, some of whom I may never meet, except online or via text. But I am as honest with them as I am with any “real” friend, and am both dependent upon them, and supporting of each and every one. These are not strangers anymore. Is there are a magic formula here? No. Just give a shit, show up, put in some effort, be open to quitting and brotherhood. Why does that work? Maybe most the guys who gravitated to chewing are pretty similar. Maybe the guys who gravitate towards saving themselves from the addiction to dip are even more similar. Either way, it works. If you are closed off, want to do things your own way, think you are better than this, and think it won’t work for you? It won’t. Oh yeah, you can go fuck yourself. Quit: Never dipping again. Obviously being from quit from dip means that we don’t use nicotine any more. Never again. But for those of us who have been quit for a while, it means much more. To me it means being free. I feel as though I was firmly entrenched in a life going nowhere. In effect, I was stripped of ambition by the realization that none of this meant anything. Why? Because cancer from dip was going to kill me. “Why give a shit about making a shit ton of money? I’ll be dead soon.” Not anymore. I feel like the act of quitting chewing tobacco, shedding those literal chains of slavery, has liberated us in more ways than just being nicotine free. A few days ago our bro NMCB detailed that quitting dip has opened his eyes to other improvements in his life. It dovetails with something I have noticed for the last several months…. that many of our brothers are taking positive steps in many other areas of their life. Getting promotions, switching jobs, taking leaps of faith. Careers have overwhelmingly improved for the better. And in many cases our marriages are better off, or at the very least, we no longer have chew to blame for our shitty marriages. The bottom line is that our act of quitting dipping together will leave a legacy. For our children, our quitting will mean that many more of us will be here as they grow into adults, and we will be fully armed and able to keep them away from the poison that almost killed us. And together we have begun building this place, a site that I hope will be a leader in destroying big tobacco, little by little, for years to come.
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