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Quitting Dip
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Joe Quitter

Day 378: Looking Back

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Why did I quit? Let’s take a look:

I remember always having to have a pack of cigarettes (or a can of chew to be “incognito”) when going out.

I remember coming home from class, and the first thing I’d do was throw in a dip. Hell, dipping was often more important than eating.

I remember riding my bike to the gas station in the dead of winter, just to get a new can.

I remember drying my school papers after I had spilled a haphazardly placed spitter; they dried, but that brown hue never went away.

Why did I quit? I was tired of being a slave. I was tired of a drug that’s in a dirty weed controlling my life and my behavior. It’s funny how when you’re using, you conveniently ignore all these little things, and why they happen; nicotine does that to you. Those little PSAs may be overly dramatic, but it’s the fucking truth; as an addict, nicotine will control your life if you let it.

I was tired of letting it.

Since quitting, I have noticed significant improvements in my life. My favorite part is the feeling of superiority. I am a very judgmental and proud person, and there is no better feeling than silently scorning any and every loser that chooses to stick cat shit or a nic-dick in their mouth; I am so much better than that. Further, because I am better than everyone else, quitting has caused a significant increase in my confidence. Being a 22 year old guy, confidence is about 80% of what I need to succeed on a day-to-day basis.

Why did I quit? Because I’m the fucking man, and you are too. See you on scroll tomorrow.



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