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Quitting Dip
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24 years ago I was handed a can of Hawkins by one of my brothers friends. Ever since that day I dipped. Eventually switched to Kodiak, and then Grizzly. 

After 24 years of addiction, I whole heartedly tried to quit. I tried with support from other sites and failed. Eventually those people banned me. I had 2 failures of quit. Its been Damn embarrassing to have to tell your quit brothers your a failure.

I got my shit together, got serious, got more and better support. Looking back at how stupid I was, and not knowing, and being a dumb ass kid, on that one day I didn't say no would end up causing me so much misery for 24 years.

I'd love to thank you all at QD for awesome support. My wife for her support and removing from a few situations during my first week that would have landed me in jail or back to addiction. My kids for understanding that when I was raging to just laugh and walk away.

I'd also love to say that after 2 tries and having 3 100 day stoppages, that I am a quitter, however the fight goes on and I have to realize that at any minute, it only takes one second of weakness to turn back to a addict. I will continue to fight, support, and post my promise to you. 

Also I feel so much better with out that shit, than I did with that shit.

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