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So you are a nicotine addict.  When you first stuffed your face with Hawkins or took your first puff off a Marlboro, you were cool. You weren't some kid playing with Legos anymore.  You grew out your stubble and grew some courage to walk into the 7-11 and ask for a 3 pack of Trojans and a can of Cope without making eye contact with the man behind the counter. 
Now you are older, and spitting in water bottles and emptying ash trays in the Walmart parking lot is not anyone's version of "being cool".  You have begun to notice things in your life that you detest now.  
They include:

  • Health issues
    • Smoking and dipping are extremely dangerous to my health or is ruining my health
    • I have lost my sense of smell, until I open my spit bottle in my 120 degree truck (yuck)
    • It bothers me to be dependent on cigarettes and Cope
    • Smoking gives me very bad breath
    • I notice my gums are eroding from chewing tobacco
    • I frequently have a sore throat from smoking and dipping
    • I would have more energy if I did not smoke
    • Chewing gum all the time has loosened up my fillings
    • I fear that quitting smoking or chewing will make me gain weight.
      Quitting smoking does not make you gain weight. You gain weight by over-eating. The people who gain weight when they quit smoking are those who keep putting food in their mouth instead of tobacco.
  • Cosmetic issues
    • My cigarette smoke leaves an unpleasant smell
    • I have nicotine stains on my fingers.
    • I am getting wrinkles from smoking.
    • My teeth are discolored from smoking and dipping.
  • Social issues
    • I am losing contact with my non-smoking friends
    • People think dipping is dirty so I became a ninja dipper
    • My second-hand smoke is dangerous to those around me
    • I miss time away from loved ones because I smoke in the garage on weekends
    • My cigarette smoke bothers other people
    • I have to stand outside in the cold to smoke
    • Spitting in public bothers people
    • I have become a recluse and a sneak to hide my addiction from loved ones
    • My sister won't talk to me after her daughter drank out of my Dr Pepper can spitter
    • Sometimes I litter when I discard cigarette butts or toss empty cans on the interstate
  • Financial issues
    • I spend too much money on the nicotine
    • My life insurance premiums have increased
    • I burned holes in my clothing
    • All my jeans have Skoal rings and I can't wear those to church
    • My curtains need to be replaced because they have turned yellow
    • My carpet in the truck is permanently crusted from spilled spitters

Now you realize that you have become a nicotine addict.  I know that because you are reading this on quittingdip.com and are trying to find out everything you can about how to quit.   You spend 5 minutes searching the house for your lighter, and then just use the stove burner to light one.  How many lighters have you had to buy this year already?  Or you left your can in the jacket you threw on the back of the chair in your basement, and now you are at your daughter's softball game and you FORGOT YOUR CAN!
We've all been there before.  That list above are things that all addicts subliminally are aware of, but the Nic Cage (that is what we call nicotine around here) whispers to us that we are friends.  I know I was that way too.  I was a dipper and smoker for years until I found brotherhood with bad ass quitters you will meet here.  No one will say it is easy.  There is no patch or magic pill.  You have to want it.  I know you do.  You wouldn't be here if you weren't ready to take back control of your life.  
This is your chance to be reborn; to become "cool" again.  Hell, after a few months around this bunch, you might want to play with Legos again.  Thanks for reading.  Any questions, click on the Live Chat and I'm sure someone will come in there with you and greet you.
If at this point you are ready to join us, then go register for membership and proceed to post your name on the Plebe Quit Scroll.

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So you are ready to put down the lighter or toss the can but not sure how to get through withdrawals?


Here are some ideas from the The American Heart Association:



Consider these tips:

  1. Stop and take a deep breath. Taking five to 10 deep breaths is a good start to stress relief. You also get the benefit of inhaling clean air into your lungs without those harmful chemicals! 
  2. Go for a walk. Physical activity can release a chemical in your body that improves your mood and relieves stress. Walking for 30 minutes a day can be a healthy distraction, burn extra calories and help your heart.
  3. Try to relax. Stress can make your muscles tense. Relax them by stretching, deep breathing, doing yoga, getting a message or even closing your eyes and visualizing yourself in a peaceful place.
  4. Call a friend. Talking through your highs and lows with family, friends or even a support group can give you comfort and positive reinforcement.
  5. Cut back on caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that will increase your heart rate and your anxiety.  When you’re trying to decrease your stress, caffeine makes you tense, keeps you up at night and may even cause you to want to smoke.
  6. Take care of your body. Drink lots of water, eat healthy and get extra sleep. You’ll feel more energized and ready to handle stress.

Here are some other questions to consider as you plan your smoke-free life.

Does smoking:

  • Provide a way to meet people or hang out with a group?
  • Distract you when you feel lonely?
  • Help you control your weight?
  • Boost your confidence?
  • Provide an oral fixation or give you something to do with your hands?
  • Serve as a companion to coffee or alcohol or seem like the thing to do after a meal?
  • Calm you while you are driving?

Here are some great alternatives:

  • Rethink your social breaks. If you smoke with friends to be social or with co-workers on your lunch break, it is important to tell them that you are trying to quit — and invite them to join you. But if you’re not ready, and if it becomes too difficult to spend time in these places where you normally smoke, think about changing your schedule or taking your breaks with nonsmokers.
  • Keep yourself busy. Go for walks, read a book or listen to music.
  • Keep your hands and your mouth busy. Chew gum, eat a healthy snack, squeeze a stress ball or play with putty.
  • After a meal, get up immediately from the table and engage in a pleasurable activity.
  • If coffee is your trigger, change something about the way you drink it. Change the mug you drink from or when and where you indulge. Start a new habit!
  • If you smoke in your car, remove your ashtray and replace it with potpourri or notes to remind you why you want to quit smoking.
  • At parties, try to stay away from smoking areas. Stay indoors or distance yourself from people who are smoking. This might be hard, but stay with it!
    You might also need to cut back on alcohol. It’s hard to have will power and stay focused on your commitment when you’ve had too much to drink. 

Knowing  yourself and discovering why you smoke will help you make a plan to quit. Your heart will thank you for years to come!




Basically, you will probably need to change your whole routine in the beginning.  It is you that is making the choice to better yourself.  The rest of your world is still busy living life in their own routines.  You cannot expect someone to cater to your quit, but you do have some powerful controls:


  • In your vehicle, you must demand people not to use dip or smoke.  Don't try and be the nice guy and allow them to disrespect your quit.  Why do I say "demand"?  Once you have bought into your quit and learn the reason why you were a slave to the can or carton, you will HATE nicotine.  Right now you are probably ready to quit, but still romanticize about it.  No smoking in your car, period.
  • Your home is your castle.  If they want to smoke, they can walk across the street and smoke, then wash their hands and face, then brush their teeth before returning to your living room to watch the game.  You will probably lose friends  that want to come to your house, but you are going to be alone in this battle.  That's where quittingdip.com comes into play; we are going through the same thing you are.
  • Your buddy stops by with a cat turd in his lip and a spitter in his hand, you don't allow him in your house.  They may think you're an asshole and get angry, but you are solidifying your quit and also planting a quit seed into their nicotine soaked brain that could possibly bear fruit down the road.
  • You may have arguments with your spouse, but you need to protect the environment you put your kids in.  If you are a smoker, you know how guilty you feel about seeing your kids playing in a cloud of smoke.  Nic Cage (that's what we call nicotine around here) is so powerful that you put your kids in danger because of your addiction.

You have to remember that almost everyone that uses nicotine is ADDICTED to nicotine.  Almost every one of those addicts would give anything to be free from the bondage.  As you quit, your friends and loved ones will be watching you.  


Everything you have done while being an addict will be different without Nic Cage riding shotgun in your life.  You will need to give your brain time to reprogram itself.  In my case, my brain had been soaking in nicotine my whole adult life.  I've been quit for 174 days, but I was a using addict for 9,000 days.  Some days are better than others, but every morning I promise the quitters on quittingdip.com that I will not use nicotine in any form and I get to the end of the day is a victory.  I will always be a nicotine addict, but now I choose not to use it.  

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