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1. Post Your Promise to the Quit Scroll Every Morning

When you wake up in the morning, post your promise not to use that day. Doing it first thing gets you in the routine of quitting, instead of the routine of craving. We are in different states, different time zones, and different countries, so "morning" where YOU are may be earlier or later than others. Just don't endanger your quit by treating this process casually, and don't disrespect the brotherhood by being late, just be on 'first thing'.  (FYI:  Anything after 5:00PM Pacific constitutes a miss).

2. Keep Your Promise Throughout the Day

We are quit. We make a promise not to use nicotine and we keep it, every day. We all keep that promise, whether on Day 1 or Day 1,000 and beyond. You might have more withdrawal on Day 3 than you do on Day 300, but it's no harder to keep your word. You are not special. Quit or Fuck Off. 

3.  Repeat Every Day

It really is that simple. 

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