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Quitting Dip

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Today is my 1776 day of quit.  Many of you “undecideds” will look at that number as out-of-reach, not attainable.  I’m here to tell you it is within your grasp. But you’ll never get here without a day one.  I chewed for 32+ years, always kicking the “quit” can down the road.  Like others, I tried to quit on my own … and made it about 37 days before finding an online support group.  My quit was drowning, struggling to keep it together.  When I registered, I found multiple hands reaching out, trying to keep my head above water.  You know what, it worked.  QuittingDip.com saved my life, literally.  

The premise here is simple, post your daily promise to quit dip, and your number of days quit.  Make it 24 hours, and do it again.  Interact with the folks here … we’re all from different walks of life, yet we’re all the same.  Ex-tobacco users.  Soon the days will turn into weeks, months.  Just remember to start your day with that little quit pill … your daily promise.  Before you know it, that dude who used to shove cat-turds in his lower lip is in your rear-view mirror … and getting smaller all the time.  

Here’s a post from my day 70 … about the time I really started to realize this quitting dip thing was attainable, and permanent:

It’s the first day of summer … and the first day of summer in 32+ years I will enjoy without the poison of nicotine running through my body.  In the last 70 days I’ve experienced a shitload of firsts. I went on vacation with my wife without a dip in. I went fishing (multiple times) without a dip in. I worked on a project out at the duck shack without a dip in. I golfed without a dip in. I drove long-distances and short without a dip in. I talked on a cell phone without a dip in. I talked to my mother, sisters, brothers and friends without a dip in. I took a fucking shower without a dip in, a dump without a dip in, worked without a dip in, took in some live music without a dip in, had some beers without a dip in, did yard work without a dip in, pet my dogs without a dip in! It’s an unbelievable reality how many firsts I (we) have coming up in the remainder of my (our) lives.

Thinking back on how many years/days/hours/minutes/seconds of my life I wasted as a slave to some damn plant makes my quit that much stronger. The realization that I'll be 64 (I'm 50 now) before the number of years without nicotine equals the same number of years I was a dumb-fuck slave to nicotine makes my quit that much stronger. During the time of my addiction (which is ongoing) I’ve seen the rise of the internet with a dip in … and for today (ODAAT) I promise each and every one of you no nicotine today, never again for any reason!  - June 2014

Post up a day one, and throw that tin of death in the crapper.  Flush it, so it won’t sing that siren-song and suck you back in.  You wouldn’t even be reading this if you weren’t thinking of quitting chewing tobacco.  Reach down, find your marbles … and get after it.  Stop letting some damn plant run your life, while running you into the ground.  Dipping your toe in to test the waters isn’t the approach of a committed quitter.  Frickin’ cannonball into this quit from chew.  YOU CAN DO IT, you just need to take that first step.

1776 is known as a year of independence, of freedom.  It’s also a great number of days quit.  You know what’s better?  1777.  I’ll be here to post that, and to assist you in your choice to quit dip.    

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