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Quitting Dip

How easy is it to quit dipping?


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The first step can be damn hard.  It requires some introspection, and a realization that you're a pussy who just keeps on kicking the can down the road:

  • Pretty stressed right now with work/home/family ... probably not the best time to quit chew.
  • Trying to keep weight off ... probably not the best time to quit dip.
  • Rebuilding my realtionship with the wife ... probably not the best time to quit chewing.
  • New job requirements ... probably not the best time to quit dipping.

After a while, you realize that you sound just like those dudes on the intervention-type shows.  You're acting like a victim of your own damn choices.  You realize you're addicted, hooked ... a slave.  But even then, your brain wants every fiber of your being to ignore those thoughts, that you'll be OK ... that those death stories and dudes losing parts of their face are just a small percentage.

Then, you find your balls ... and you take that GIANT, hard first step.  After that?  All easy-peasy, once you absorb the help given to you within these pages.  

Best fucking step I've EVER taken.

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It was incredibly difficult until I came to the realization that I was in total control, and that if I took the option away from myself, and told dip to fuck off every time my mind moved towards it, I was quit. Be quit and you will be quit. Be halfassed and waffle, you will not be quit. 


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Whenever I face something I think is tough, I try to imagine situations that would be tougher. If it's easy to come up with many examples then I decide my original problem was not much to complain about. When first quitting, I would get a craving at the time of the day that I would normally dip. When that craving came, I would substitute it with something else. For whatever reason, I ate gummie worms. Dumb, I know. But for some reason I liked them, and I found that each time the craving came, if I ate gummie worms, eventually the dip crave switched to the less harmfull gummi crave. So, find your own gummie worms and your quit will be easy

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Please fill in your quit date here.

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