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Quitting Dip

10 Best Reasons To Quit Smokeless Tobacco Today

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These are my top 10 - what are yours?  I quit chewing tobacco over 800 days ago using the brilliant and effective method we practice.  We post a promise to ourselves and one another that we will not use nicotine today, in any form.  There are lots of ways to stop using tobacco...there is only one way to become quit.

10 - My teeth are white

9 - My breath doesn't smell like I've been imitating my dog

8 - I don't have to worry about spilling my spitter in my car

7 - I don't hide in my office pretending to be on a conference call

6 - My fingers aren't stained brown

5 - I workout more

4 - I'm more focused and productive at work

3 - I sleep better

2 - I don't lie to all those around me every day

1 - I'm no longer a slave to a stupid plant

It was never cool.  It was never tough.  Dip wasn't my friend.  Chew never made anything better.  Once you conquer your addiction to nicotine, you'll be amazed at the lies you used to tell yourself.

Quit today.  Quit with us.  I GUARANTEE you will be glad you did.

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Here's my top 10, some of them similar to Owl's:

1) I don't have to sneak out of the house at midnight to buy a can if I run out 

2) I don't leave parties early to go dip in private

3) No more knocking spitters over onto my laptop

4) My sleep is 100x times better; I fall asleep right when my head hits the pillow

5) My exercise is better; I have more energy from sleeping better to lift

6) I don't leave a girl's place early to go home and dip in private

7) I don't have to detail my place so my family won't find any dip on the floor

8) Im more motivated to work and try new things

9) I don't have a general feeling of some tether keeping me home rather than going out

10) Peace of mind knowing my risk of mouth cancer is diminishing 

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I spent 6 hours in the car today driving, alone. 376 days quit and I reminisced about all the things that I loath about nicotine and dip, that would always happen. The car was the perfect place today to do this (recording voice messages) as that was the users chair where I’d daily shoot up with nicotine. 

I have more than 10 but I’ll limit it here...

10. Getting to know the c-store dealer and acting like he was my friend

9. The boiling frustration and overall pissed off state of finding a c-store that didn’t carry or have any Kodiak (and seldom would I branch out to something else in dire desperation but occasionally that would happen and I’d get even more aggravated it didn’t give me the right fix)

8. No spitter no problem. I’m in the car so I’ll shove the remaining half a can in my face and use the can as a spitter till it overflows after the third dollop of bear splurge.

7. Constant soar throat and paranoia of a lump (the clarity without this constant lingering is indescribable)

6. I went to the dentist regularly twice a year and the hygienist every time would say “are you a coffee drinker there’s some staining down here.” The dentist never said anything, he was hoping I’d be paying for his lake house.

5. Nicotine overdose, you know where you puke 🤢 it would happen a few times a year. Just chasing that whatever and the drug gets ahead of your skis.

4. Getting caught by coworker while ninja loading up a fat dip at work ... and completely playing it off like nothing just happened and he didn’t ever say anything...still not sure he saw, I used to ninja dip the fake at work too...that would have been funny if I’d got caught doing that, no really it’s nicotine free it’s ok!

3. Food getting caught not in my teeth but in all the pockets all around my mouth particularly the upper where I’d keep one all day.

2. Waking from up with My face under  a pool of brown drool on the freshly changed sheets. I frantically try to change the sheets again while the wife says “you stained the sheets again didn’t you”

1. Thinking how am I going to de jack after this, without my wife knowing, while I’m in the middle of coitus.


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I’ll have get back to this one, I have some too. Never realized so many people fell asleep with one in. I thought I was a special butterfly that was a fucking weirdo that did that.  Number 8 too, so many damn times, stopped at a red light and spitting out the window. I did it once and almost hit a guy on a motorcycle. Got the look of death. I never was a ninja dipper though. I would throw one in in a meeting at work. Yeah, I was that guy. Fuck Nicotine! 

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