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Quitting Dip

You CAN do it, you CAN quit chew!


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Tomorrow marks 5-years free from nicotine.  Honestly, back in the day I never thought I could quit chewing tobacco … 32 years as a user had me wrapped drum-tight around that damn weed.  The feeling that I have beating this addiction (it’s one of the top-5 most addictive substances) stays strong, because once in a horrible blue moon I still hear the whispers … “you can have just one”.  

I know that one is too many, and 10,000 is never enough.  Now I just shake my head at the sight of a blob of dip thrown on the ground at work.  I feel sorry for the slaves that can't break free of the hold a damn plant has on them, mostly because that used to be me.  No more.  My first day quit was 04/13/2014 … my last day quitting will be the day I’m 6’ under.  Never again.

If you’re on the fence, struggling, and you keep kicking the can down the road telling yourself, “shit, I need to quit” … find the marbles to do so.  You CAN do it.  You can quit chewing tobacco.  Don’t be controlled by a damn plant.  Let me know if you need any help, but be forewarned ... there will be no half-assery tolerated.  "Cutting back" is just another way to say, "I'll be back".  Fuck dipping your toe in, cannonball into this attempt at quitting chew and make it stick!

FYI ... nicotine replacement therapy still does what Big Tobacco wants;  they don't care about the delivery vessel, they just want to keep you using.  Eliminate all forms of nicotine, stop using now ... save your own life.  There are ZERO safe alternatives, the only way is cold turkey for quitting chew. 

One of the biggest reasons I’m quit as fuck is the membership here at QD.  When quitting dip, or quitting chew, or quitting chewing tobacco … or whatever you call it, having a support group increases your odds.  These fuckers here were all me, they were all YOU. Every last one of us started with our own day one ... just like you're about to, if your testicles fully descend. 

The support from like-minded people that went down the same dipshit path of using nicotine can’t be measured, it needs to be experienced. 

Take back control of your life, get in the game, create an account … and QUIT CHEW!  

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