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Quitting Dip

You've come here for a reason ... a choice.


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On 7/24/2019 at 8:51 AM, 8meds said:

If you’re here looking, welcome to the nuthouse.  You’re on the cusp of the best decision you’ll ever make.  Alternatively, you’re once again about to kick that can down the road … weakly putting off quitting like always.

Some advice …

It’s as easy as you make it, or as hard.  Following our path, this is the easiest hard thing you’ll ever do.

This is a choice, and nothing more, really.  It IS that simple … the trick is living with your choice after you make it.

If you’re here “trying to quit” or “hoping to succeed”, you’ve already failed.  We don’t try or hope here … we take action, we take control, we quit.

You’re no different than a heroin junkie, or a coke fiend, or an alcoholic … you’re an addict.  Grasp that fact, wrap your head around it.

There are far worse addicts than you who have quit … it isn’t harder for you than anyone else here who succeeds every day.

If YOU CHOOSE to fail it is not that you can’t quit, it’s that you won’t.

Quitting dip is not magic, it only takes an all-in willingness to live life without it, and a willingness to accept the initial withdrawal.  You need to make THE choice.

  • There will be withdrawal symptoms … deal with them.
  • There will be anger, and short tempers … deal with those here, not with your family.
  • You will crave a dip/chew in the beginning … accept it.  Don’t wallow in the thoughts of missing a “friend”.  Fuck that friend who stole money from you, time from your family … all trying to kill you.  Power the fuck through, make the choice to succeed.
  • To start ... just quit one day at a time.  One minute at a time if you have to.  You don’t have to think “forever” in the beginning … just for today.  Make the same good choice tomorrow.

Your quit needs to be the most important goal in your life.  Quit for yourself.  Regardless of your lifestyle, profession, or attendance record at numerous grand openings of gay bath houses across America … quitting better be your top priority.  Everything else will fall into place, trust me.  

Look at that tin of poison in your hand, and what it’s created ... the person you are now.  Empty that dip in the toilet, and flush.  Begin your path to killing that inner addict, take back control of your life!  Best decision I ever made … all of us here ever made.

Post a day one, write a quick intro … watch the responses and support you’ll receive.  You’re not in this alone.  
You can do it.

It's about making a choice.  Slave, or free?  Escape the chains of addiction, fuck UST ... quit chewing tobacco ... win.

This is worth reading daily. 

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