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Quitting Dip

Quitting Dip on Tuesday, October 8th, 2019


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Welcome to the Quitting Dip.  We've all been through the chewing tobacco withdrawal symptoms and can say with absolute certainty that those negative side effects of quitting dip will pass soon.  When your brain gets used to operating without nicotine, the clarity will feel amazing, and sleeping and shitting will return to you once again. I'm sitting here and don't have one inkling of a wish to ever return to using that ground up poison and will continue to come here and post my promise to these powerful allies that I will continue to preserve my freedom from nicotine until the day I take my last breath.  

You'll find that the money you save and decreased risk of cancer will be ancillary benefits that barely even register in the grand scheme of quitting dipping. They just don't matter that much compared to the real prize - freedom from your addiction.  I know that dip has been really fucking expensive, but that never really mattered to us, did it? We always found some other area of our life to short, in order to get that can every day, no matter what. And cancer warnings were always printed on the can. Hasn’t ever stopped one of us.  Maybe you actually think that cancer is your motivation now. Or money. Okay. Whatever gets you started on the path, great. But success only comes to those of us who appreciate what quitting means for our lives. It changed everything for me.

Life can be a bitch, especially if you are looking for excuses to feel like shit, and feel like you're missing out on stuff... because life is so easy for everyone else, because they aren't dealing with special problems like you. You’re not special.  Nicotine didn't help deal with life. Nicotine took away the withdrawal from itself that sets your mind ablaze and causes panic. It wasn't magical, it was chemical. Fuck that shit.

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Tuesday, brother
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