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Quitting Dip

Thoughts on Fake Snuff?


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What are your thoughts on Fake? Smokey Mountain, Jakes, Baccoff, etc.

Thinking about getting some but received different feedback. Some say it’s a good tool to use. Others comment like I should quit a certain amount of time. Or you shouldn’t do that stuff man, you are playing with fire. I dunno, might just get some and put back for down the line. 

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31 minutes ago, Kenneth1989 said:

I dumped the tin and threw it in the trash. Took it out to the dumpster a few minutes ago

You need to open the can and empty the poison out because you may dumpster dive after the can if you’re weak

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Just a quick review of everything Ive tried. I am pretty much off the fake stuff now, but it certainly helped the first couple weeks. 

TeaZa: Good flavor, no loose snuff and pouches are too large. Made in the USA

Smokey Mountain arctic and wintergreen: Pouches are dry (made of wheat) flavor is ok, very strong menthol. Made in the Philippines

Baccoff: very pungent. stench is more noticeable in a room than regular dip. its very moist and the spitting experience is probably the closest to dip.

Hooch: agree with @Lipi this is the best. Spitfire, spearmint, mint, all good, I havent tried Spitfire 7 yet. They have two cuts and two pouch sizes. 

Grinds: Great flavor, similar spitting experience. 

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19 hours ago, Kenneth1989 said:

Going to give fake about a week or so off. Been a rough day... gonna slam a pre workout and bang some weights.. maybe a light jog afterward. 

Yeah, how'd that work out for you?  You threw away an excellent tool against the addiction, and a short 12 hours later were fingers deep in a real can of death.  Good decision-making process dipshit ... ignore those before you who have been there, done that.  

Anyone else reading this, trust in the process.  Don't be a bitch.  You came here seeking help, accept it or fuck off.  

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Please fill in your quit date here.

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