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Quitting Dip

Quitting Dip on Tuesday, August 11th, 2020


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Are you quitter?

Long-term (forever) quits come with the aid of a kick ass support group.  You've got one here.  If there is one thing we demand from you as a member of this community, it's posting your promise to quit dipping every morning...  Wake, Piss, post scroll.  Make it routine.  Promise us, and yourself that you will not use nicotine for the day (in any forms BTW, this is a zero tolerance site). Keep your promise.  Days will start stacking.

Just look around at all the users in the world - do you envy them for being Big Tobacco's bitch? You shouldn't. You should feel stronger and prouder than every single last one of them. Ask yourself at the end of the day... do you want to be a little bitch or do you want to be a man of true willpower in the face of adversity, a man of integrity and strength - someone your wife and kids can look up to and be proud of. You'll see there is only one real answer. Willpower is like weightlifting - the more you train it the stronger it will become. Each day you'll become more powerful in the fight against nicotine. Plus you made a promise to yourself, me and all the others here that you won't just give up, but you'll continue to kick nicotine's ass every day. We're here for you bro - we've never even met but I guarantee I’ll be a better friend to you than nicotine ever could be. Keep on quitting dip and one day you'll be able to help someone going through the same exact feelings you are - you may save that person's life.

Fuck cravings, cravings are things that pregnant chicks get. There is a big difference between having thoughts of dip cross your mind each day, and "wanting dip". If you want dip, you're just marking time until your failure. What do you desire about it? The stink, the mess, the stigma, the shame? There’s no buzz anymore, just a scratched itch, so we’re just talking about the chemical fix these days? You’re a junky. No one wants that chemical in them except junkies. When you quit dipping, that withdrawal will pass after a few days. The intensity of the cravings are going to be much worse for someone who hasn't wrapped their mind around the fact that Quit means Quit. If you are leaving a crack in your door, romancing the years you were slave, thinking maybe someday you'll chew again, it's called "white knuckle" and it fucking sucks, and it's not going to work. You need to change your mindset.

The first year after you quit dipping is a year of situations that will all be new to you. Everything can be a “trigger” if you make it so. The bottom line is that pussies will find an excuse to dip again if they want to, and quitters will dig deep and find a way to overcome any trigger, no matter what.  Caving is not an option after you quit dipping. Every single trigger that you conquer is a victory, and a big one, because then you know you can beat that trigger again and again. 

Post your promise and keep it.

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