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I saved someones life today?


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I saved someones life today. Guy came by my place and dropped his sleek and shiny little sci fi nicotine vape dildo in my yard. I picked it up and handed it to him. His response "Dude, you saved my life." 

I remember being this guy. I gave it back to him since I knew he was going to become a crazed nicotine addict looking for his one hitter in under 30 minutes. More importantly I had no interest in witnessing it or being a part of it. Fuck that shit. Fuck nicotine.

Are you this guy? Ill answer for you...yes you are. You wanna stop being this guy? Odds are the truthful answer is no. What ya gonna do about it? Grab your marbles, post a day one, read read read. It isnt magical or mystical its just you dude...you kicking nicotine to the curb cold turkey. Blah blah blah...Did any of that sink in?

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