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  1. NotJamesGordon

    Mission Statement

    Why Are We Here? The simple answer is: To Quit Dip. Not “trying to quit”, not stopping for a little while, but REALLY QUITTING. That means staying quit. The members of this community are addicts that have quit using nicotine. But we didn’t reach the level of "quit forever" without starting small, in one day increments. We quit forever, one day at a time. There are many methods of quitting chewing tobacco. Unfortunately, none of them are easy, and almost none of them will work. Everyone on this site will tell you the same thing,.. that no method for quitting dip worked for them until they stumbled upon Brotherhood and Accountability. That's how we have all quit dippping. Brotherhood + Accountability = Quit. We come together at the start of each day to make a promise to stay quit, and we hold each other accountable to that promise, throughout the rest of that day, and every day. The system is based on participation and integrity. Those that make their daily promise and keep their word are quit and a part of this community. Everyone is welcome to quit with us here, with a few exceptions. Those that do not make their daily promise will not be a part of this community. Those that are not honest and lack integrity will not be a part of this community. This is a Cold Turkey community, which means zero nicotine usage. There is no chewing. There is no smoking. Nicotine replacement therapies are not allowed. That means no e-cigs, no lozenges, no gum, no patches. Why cold turkey? It’s the only thing that works. Sound too difficult? It’s not. How do we know? We’ve all done it. Think you know better? Go somewhere else. There are many places to quit, and this may not be the right place for you. How will you know? Our members want to quit dip. With the help of other quitters they soon realized that quitting was the most important thing they could do for their lives. Learning that takes some time, but we will help get you there. If you want to quit chew, and you are willing to work, and you are willing to learn, we will teach you how to quit. 
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    Questions About Quitting?

    Starting today, for at least a trial period, this area is open for guest posting. If you have questions, or want a push into quitting, post up here.
  4. NotJamesGordon

    Welcome to QD

    If you are reading this you are probably thinking about quitting dip/chew or some other form of nicotine. If you want help to quit dipping, your quit is guaranteed to be successful IF you lean on the other quitters here for advice and support, and follow the rules of the site. How does this place work? Accountability + Brotherhood = Quit You don't need to understand what that means at this point. You just need to want to quit, and be ready to listen. Every morning, each member of this community posts their screen name and a number on a "quit scroll". The number is the number of days they have been free of dip. If you are ready to quit today, your number is 1. It's a promise not to use today, and the scrolls are comprised of every member's daily promise. This a cold turkey community. You won't need any nicotine replacement therapies, nor do you want them, trust us. Need help getting convinced or just want to ask some questions without committing just yet? You can post as a guest in the Support Center. If you know you're ready, then you are. To get started, sign up for an account and either go straight to today's Plebe Quit Scroll to put up your number, or start a topic for yourself in the introduction section, where you will start getting help from others.If you want to explore the concepts briefly touched upon here, there is plenty of in-depth discussions in the Nicotine Knowledge Base. Quit Dipping with a Simple Concept… Make a daily promise not to dip Keep your word to us, every day
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    NotJamesGordon 14 quitting dip
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    Archived Centurion Quit Scrolls 2015-2016

    NJG...MIA test...with all the badass centurions of QD today!!!
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    NJG - MIA test...with all the plebes today
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    And one
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    NotJamesGordon- Test driving
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    NotJamesGordon- Testing
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    Archived Centurion Quit Scrolls 2015-2016

    Roll test by MIAGordon