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  1. Welcome...... But that welcome comes with a condition - When you’re ready to quit dipping, post your day 1 on the Plebe scroll… dump your can… go to the fridge and dump the remainder of your roll… go out to your garage/car/desk at work and dump your emergency cans.....get rid of it all. Because when you post your day 1, there is no going back, and if you follow the advice here, you won’t want to dip anymore. Hell, you don’t WANT to dip anymore already, or you wouldn’t be here. You think you can’t live without dip, but we’re all here to tell you that not only is quitting dip possible, qui
  2. Last week I looked out my hotel window and saw a woman standing in the street smoking. Just standing there, one arm folded across her stomach, the other holding her cigarette. So sad. So alone. So trapped. Such a waste. Addiction is not a fucking disease. I know it's a disease in the strictest definition of the word, but it's not like Malaria or MS. You decide to put that shit in your body every time. Calling it a disease lets people off the hook. Addiction is serious, it's crippling, it's lethal, but every hit is a choice. I know how politically incorrect that statement is, bu
  3. Before quitting dip, I dipped for 20+ years and by the end was completely controlled by nicotine, desperately looking for a way to quit dipping. I stumbled upon this place called Quitting Dip and found that making a promise 1st thing every day -a promise that I wasn't going to dip-... was, and still is, the only way I would be able to quit chewing tobacco. Take the option off the table every day with your word. Keep your word, and repeat. Think you can’t get through the routines of life if you quit dipping? Yeah, we all used to dip after every meal. I used to dip every time I shit too. I
  4. I have lived the majority of my personal life with the motto- “Fuck It”. I have given up on too many diets, exercise programs, organizational goals, etc. in my life to count because I have always ended up saying "fuck it" and giving up. When I decided to quit dipping, I was finally fed up with the ever-present sack of shit weighing down my life- my nicotine addiction. I found Quitting Dip and posted scroll the next morning. I had no expectations at that point, and if I am honest with myself, I assumed that the "fuck it" would win over eventually. But the next morning, I woke up and posted a
  5. Before quitting dip, I dipped for 20+ years and by the end was completely controlled by nicotine, desperately looking for a way to quit dipping. I stumbled upon this place called Quitting Dip and found that making a promise 1st thing every day (a promise that I wasn't going to dip) ... was, and still is, the only way I would be able to quit chewing tobacco. Take the option to dip off the table every day with your word. Then keep your word, and repeat. Do you think you can’t get through the routines of life if you quit dipping? Yeah, we all used to dip after every meal. I used to dip every
  6. Why have you failed at all previous attempts to quit dipping? I know why I failed every previous attempt. I failed to quit chewing tobacco because I wasn't here. I didn’t get any help to quit dipping, and relied solely on myself. And myself was always a fucking bitch. The first thing you deal with when quitting chewing tobacco is the real physical withdrawal side, and since most people have at least halfway attempted to quit dipping in the past, you should know the routine... Withdrawal symptoms from quitting dip can include insomnia, sweating, headaches, constipation, irritability,
  7. Once I found my resolve I was all in. 29 years of being a sneaky ass addict was enough for me and I had arrived at my last option cause all the other ways failed me, by allowing me to keep putting the drug in my body. I don't know if it's possible to express the concept of “quit” to another person but here goes. This is my life. I've got people in my life that care about me and I care about my own health now. I'm not gonna let nicotine take that away. I have posted my promise every single fucking day since day 1. Why? Because it matters to me and it takes nothing to make that promise
  8. We all were totally irrational about dipping - whether it's crawling around outside in the dark looking for the tin you "threw" away in the yard or digging through all your shorts cause you are "sure" you left a spare can in one. It does get tons better and you WILL be able to do all the things that are now major triggers for dipping. We all had a million triggers, golfing, watching sports, grilling, yard work, long drives, taking a shit. Hell I couldn't walk from here to there without my mind saying - "ok, time for some more nicotine". The only way it works though is if you post yo
  9. Not sure if this term is still around, but I can remember back in the day, lots of young chicks that smoked always talking about having “nic fits”, and needing to smoke even though it was a bad time for it, and they didn’t want to. They were having nicotine withdrawal, but it was treated totally casually. Like, “yes, I’m in withdrawal from a drug, and I am irritable, bitchy, feeling miserable, and dying for a smoke, and oh yeah, I’m 16”. I remember thinking they were crazy, meanwhile I was having a dip. You can see problems in other people, but ignore the fact that you have the same problem.
  10. This method of quitting dip, cold turkey -balls on the table, is the only approach you need to quit dipping, and ultimately the only one that works. None of us are special here. We all signed up looking for a solution to nicotine addiction, and we all found it. Couple things, stop "hoping" that this place can help you kick it, and get on board. There is no hope about it. You can do it if you follow a simple program. Put your name on the Plebe Quit Scroll, and say “Day 1”. That is a promise not to use today. Keep your word. Come back tomorrow. For the space in between, read the site,
  11. I quit dipping cold turkey. It works. I created an account on this site and posted on the day’s scroll. It worked. It will work. Quitting dipping has changed my life. It has bettered my life immeasurably. I was a different person before QUIT. I had misaligned goals and priorities. I saw the world and myself from a warped and distorted perspective. I was tied up in knots and stuck in the upside down. Nicotine was a mask that I hid behind. It was something I used to hide myself from my insecurities. I am not perfect. That bothered me. I based my self worth on other people’s opinions of m
  12. I started dipping when I was about 16 with my friends after lacrosse practice. It seemed pretty harmless right? All the cool guys did it, I wanted to fit in. From then on it slowly went from once a week... to every day... to becoming a compulsive need. Before you know it you're in college, and you’re dipping all night because you think it helps you study. After that you start dipping in class and swallowing the spit. Straight down your throat. As if you're being fucked in the mouth by a prison cellmate and you decide you might as well just take it all in . Now I know that is an outrageous anal
  13. You gotta be quitting dip for yourself. Whenever someone mentions that another person is happy with their efforts it always raises a red flag with me. I ask myself whether this person is quitting dipping for themselves or someone else? Who owns your quit? Think about it. Quitting dipping for them never worked before, so don’t quit dip for them now. The good news is that by quitting for YOU, everyone else benefits by default. Make a promise not to Dip today, and put your name on the scroll. Being on the scroll gives you a 100% chance of being quit today, versus low odds of some other dud
  14. I started at a very young age, around 12 or 13. My buddy had gotten his hands on a can of snuff and gave it to me. I remember trying some as I was riding my bike home from his house. It only took a few seconds before I was spitting it out and throwing up. I am not sure why that experience did not save me from ever doing it again. My body was clearly telling me that this stuff was poison and was trying to get rid of it. Over the years I continued to dip, not heavily- but steadily. I was still too young to buy it myself, plus I had to sneak around to use it. As I became more in
  15. Before I quit dipping I was sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself. I had just put in my last pinch and didn’t feel like going to the store to buy another can. I had a bag of [chaw brand redacted*] from an attempt to switch it up, but it still wasn’t [dip brand redacted*]. The longest I had gone without dip was in Basic training, and that was merely 4 months. Since then I had eaten a can a day for the subsequent 4 years. I searched “how to quit dip” it took me to reddit.com and had a link to QuittingDip.com. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw dudes that were years into quitting
  16. My back story is very similar to numerous others here, so I don’t feel I need to go over it in detail. The short version is that I made a lot of bad decisions when I was young and chewed snuff for over 30 years, before I found this place and quit dipping. I am not saying any of this was easy because it was not, I have had my ups and my downs just like everyone else. I am very happy and proud of my Quitting Dipping. For me the 2 most important differences between my Permanent Quit and all the previous stoppages are Accountability and recognizing and admitting I have an Addiction to nicotine.
  17. Like you, before coming to this site we all thought that "quitting" meant giving something-up. That we'd spend the rest of our lives missing dip. What you'll soon learn is that you won't miss a thing. Everything is so much better without dip. Driving, working, watching TV, taking a crap, it's all better without nicotine. The next few days are going to suck. A lot. But we all did it; and as long as you're not a giant pussy, you can too. Jump in, quit hard, freedom is just around the corner. This whole fucking site is nothing but a ton of quit disguised as guys playing grab ass, so le
  18. Back when I was a slave to the can, I wouldn’t leave the house without that weed, planning trips, outings, shopping at the grocery store.....all centered around whether or not I had to go out of the way, across town to the one convenience store that i knew had the freshest cans. So much wasted time and energy. Back when I was a slave to the can, there were times I’d have to dig between the couch cushions, under the car seats & there were times I actually had to borrow money out of my kids piggy bank to buy more dip. 20+ years of dipping at increasing prices. So much wasted cash.
  19. I didn't write anything for my first 100 days of quitting dip because I felt like I had nothing really to celebrate nor to be proud of. Quitting dip was just something that I believed I had to do, and I did it. The next 100 days threw me for a loop. I battled with a few personal issues. Watched my life fall apart in front of my eyes and kept sitting on the sideline blaming everyone else for my mistakes and issues. But with everything going on I stayed quit. Every problem, obstacle and end of the world issue that came my way which used to “require” a dip, was overcome. The belief that dipping
  20. Are you here to find people that will support you during this "attempt”... a group that will pick you back up when you “couldn’t get through the day" without a little dip? Think we’re going to pet your head and tell you everything is going to be okay when you fail? Forget it. We don’t accept failure here, and there are no excuses to use nicotine once you find your nuts. Are we going to support you when you need help to deal with all of the "cravings" that ruined your last “attempt" to quit dipping? Yes. And you can do this. But there is no sugar coating this. The next few days will suck... yo
  21. Before I quit dipping, like everyone else, I was always worried about where my dip was and how much I had left. I had a database of every gas station that had [redacted brand name*] , and never went without it. I eventually “wised up”, and started ordering two 5-can logs that I picked up every Monday. So, I was dipping at least 10 tins a week, but would often have to pick up one or two to get me through the weekend. I really never said to myself that I am going to quit dipping someday. I thought it was my identity, and I was in such denial, that I convinced myself that all of the h
  22. Do you think you are going to "miss" dip, if you quit dipping? Do you feel like dip is your friend, a constant companion? A trusted buddy who is always there for you when you need it? That lucky charm which is always with you in the good times? That kind of thinking is poison when it’s time quit dipping. We call it dip “romancing”. In order to be successful, you have to change your whole mindset. It’s not that hard, because dip romancing is all a lie. Dip isn’t your friend. It’s a parasite. It wasn’t your companion, it was an anchor you were dragging along. It wasn’t there to help any needs
  23. The simple part is you either want to quit, or you don't. If you want to quit dipping, stop obsessing about having a dip. Get angry that you are so fucking weak you can't go 3 or 4 hours without "craving" so bad that you “have to dip”. You're in withdrawal. It's poison. And in your current state of mind, it owns you. Stop being a passive victim. Quit Dipping. Put your name on the scroll. "Craving" is in quotes above because cravings are things pregnant chicks get when they are day dreaming about ice cream. What you're having is not a craving, it's your brain screaming for the plant you have ad
  24. Just by being here and reading this. you have your foot in the door. Quitting Dipping is simple, but it is not easy. We are here to make it easier, but this quitting dip support group does not offer unconditional help. You have to pay the piper… that means posting scroll every day, buying in, and unfucking your head when it comes to quit. Eliminate ‘try”, “hope”, and “want to” from your quit vocabulary. Just do it. Eliminate the excuses. Every step you add between you and dip is a good one. Every trigger ( ) you remove from your life now is a good thing. People here will actively tr
  25. When I was 44 years old with three children I was a total slave to nicotine, with a can a day "habit". I was sitting with my wife in a church at a friend's funeral. She was 40 years old with two kids, and a “light smoker” that just passed away from lung cancer. As I watched her husband and two sons stand in front of everyone and talk… I don't remember what they were talking about… I was a mess in the back of that church thinking about what a spoiled, selfish piece of shit I was for continuing to poison myself. I looked at my wife and said, "I'm done. I am quitting dip." "I can't do that t
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