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One quit begot another...and another


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Quit #1 began on April 2, 2013.  Alcohol had to go.  I was a binge drinker of the highest order and I knew that eventually bad things would happen as a result of it.  It was hard, I did it pretty much without help.  No AA, no real support group, just me and the will to do it.  Once I started stacking up numbers, it manifested itself and I kept it rolling.  Fast forward to today and I sit at 2151 days quit.

Quit #2 occurred on August 4, 2014 some 16 months after I had quit alcohol.  Nicotine, the addictive pesticide, HAD to go too.  For the first 40 days, I winged it alone.  Not easy, not fun, but entirely possible.  The at day 41 I decided to join a quit forum which was okay for a while but things began to change a little there so I migrated to another more extreme quit site called Quitting Dip.  You see, brotherhood and accountability are the foundation of a quit site and if they every falter or are throttled back for any reason their effectiveness will wane.  That's what happened at the first site and pretty much served as the impetus behind this site.  We are extreme here so if you can't hack getting calibrated occasionally when we detect any weakness in your quit, you probably won't last here.  We are serious about our quits since nicotine is such an extremely addictive substance and there is no known cure so if you think you can handle it, give us a try.  You won't regret it, freedom from nicotine feels awesome.  I'm at 1663 days now.

Quit #3 occurred in January 2017.  Soda.  Another sugar cow I didn't need hanging on me.  I just up and quit drinking it.  I'm at 774 days quit.

Quit #4 occurred 31 days ago.  Overeating and dirty eating had to go the way of the buffalo.  Thus far during the last 31 days I have lost approximately 20 pounds and that number keeps growing as my waist line keeps decreasing. My motto is Eating to Live.

A simple daily promise to a website full of encouraging, hard ass quitters helps keep all these quits going strong.  If you want want I/we have, you have to make a decision and be steadfast about it.  You can quit anything you want but YOU have to WANT it.  It's not going to be easy, but is something worth doing ever easy?  Of course not...it takes extreme effort to be successful.  


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