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    Plebe Pen

    I'd add that you need to own your mistakes in thinking (and they'll happen) and action (they'd better not happen), learn from them and be better for it.
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    Plebe Pen

    Hey, Plebes! I take this is the best compliment you can get here. Make your quit solid and you'll never have to look back and wonder what went wrong. How do you make a solid quit?
  3. You just know that's how those motherfuckin books are going to end too...
  4. BigKahuna- 1,597 quitting dip cold turkey at the Hillbilly Heaven (Dollywood)!
  5. BigKahuna- 1,596 quitting dip cold turkey
  6. BigKahuna- 1,595 quitting dip cold turkey
  7. BigKahuna- 1,592 Quitting dip cold turkey
  8. It's about his grandfather or some shit.
  9. I watched the first season. Started off promising, but fizzled towards the end...haven't started the 2nd season because of that.
  10. Anybody watch "Krypton" on syfy? I just saw an ad for season 2 and didn't even know that it was on.
  11. I liked the last one. It was below the first three, but LOADS better than the terrible Feast for Crows. The TV show has gotten much worse. *spoiler's* heel turn was simultaneously unearned and telegraphed, which is a tough needle to thread.
  12. BigKahuna- 1,592 quitting dip cold turkey
  13. BigKahuna- 1,591 Happy Monkey's Day!
  14. Where? Edit: I agree, because even if we just limit it to domestically, it's more than any other civilization ever anyway.
  15. BTW- Does anyone else have trouble on this page with the interface? Mine looks like this to find the "up arrow".
  16. Zinn swings the pendulum too far the other way, imo. It's very necessary, but doesn't give readers much in the way of what America got right. I always used Zinn and the "approved" textbook as a way to show how history isn't just facts and dates. It's living breathing and there's no such thing as an "objective" historical perspective.
  17. I'd be interested in hearing the thesis for this book. If you can tell us. What book is it?
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