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  1. IndianaMike 1665 quit with Tee and the Plebes today
  2. I have the intro level Norelco and I use it everyday. When you work outside in the elements your face can deal with pretty much anything. I haven’t used a razor blade this millennium
  3. IndianaMike 1664 quit with Tee and the Plebes today
  4. IndianaMike 1663 quit with Tee and the Plebes today
  5. IndianaMike 1662 quit with Tee & the Plebes today
  6. I don’t know how to imbed pics but back in the mid 80s I thought the Chevy Beretta was cool. Not so much now
  7. Yeah, I don’t have the patience to try a bunch of different graphite shafts to find “mine”. I don’t play enough to care about more than fairway accuracy. I just have no confidence with the graphite shafts. I am going to get a cheap steel shart for an older driver and give it a try. I know it’s probably a mental thing heading to the box knowing I will probably hook.
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