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    I'm just your average, ordinary gun nut that's perfectly at home on a gun range with the lingering aroma of gunpowder in the air and a slight tinge of pain in the shoulder.
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  1. BazookaJoe

    11-21-2018 Centurion Quit Scroll

    Zooks 1571, I like my view
  2. Yeah, I agree, that's not very attractive is it
  3. Zooks 1570..hey AJK, nice to see you from this angle.
  4. Zooks 1568, no computer @Blissful Krusty
  5. Zooks - 1567, last night shift quit for a long time
  6. @Blissful Krusty For the sake of College Football
  7. Zooks - 1564 Damn it's Quitspeak's 1500th and Steakbomb and BigKahuna's birthday. What a festive fucking day!!