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    I'm just your average, ordinary gun nut that's perfectly at home on a gun range with the lingering aroma of gunpowder in the air and a slight tinge of pain in the shoulder.
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  1. Zooks 1626, grats Billy on your 4th trip around the burning ball.
  2. BazookaJoe

    01-14-2019 Plebe Quit Scroll

    Zooks - 1625 with Vishual
  3. BazookaJoe

    01-12-2019 Plebe Quit Scroll

    Zooks 1623 with Vishual on the home stretch
  4. Zooks 1622. Congrats Pope, Pre, and Lighty on the big round numbers. Belated congrats to Doc.
  5. Zooks 1621 congrats KO and Canejo Rojo on the respective 5 trips and C3 rank.
  6. BazookaJoe

    01-09-2019 Plebe Quit Scroll

    Zooks 1620
  7. Zooks 1615 @Starr Sloth was the only one that could ever really fuck up the Scroll.