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  1. 25yd


    Go back to KTC @MTCAN4EVER. All you have to do is come up with a new name. May I suggest MTCansGiveMeMourningWood? A bit long, but describes you to a T.
  2. 25yd


    Mourningwood was a better name...
  3. 25yd


    That's seriously what you want to focus on out of all that I said? Wow.
  4. 25yd


    So you have it all figured out? You think you do but you don't. Go back to Kavemart since that is the language that you speak. You'll be happy there because they will accept you back after this stoppage (and the next and the next...) ends and you won't even have to take much shit over it. Otherwise, spend a lot of time reading and interacting here (instead of just saying that you already have) and you'll start to see why everyone has a problem with your "method".
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