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  1. Pope 1869 - rough start to the day....no excuse in late posting
  2. This is the other best part of quitting. Getting some clarity. My brother stopped for a week and couldn't get over how much he thought he missed it. He didn't have a group of badass supporters pointing out the lies he was telling himself to help him come to that conclusion
  3. I didn't realize how much I lied to keep some folks from knowing I dipped. My heart would race when someone wanted to ride with me. "Did I throw that spitter out?" "Did I leave my can out?" "Does my truck smell like dip?" Not anymore... now it's just "How much stuff do I have to move?"
  4. My uncle had one too.... he put 275k miles on it before selling it. Never did more than change the oil (and other obvious routine stuff)
  5. Last year I started choking up an inch or so on my driver and 3/4 swing (still a full turn but keeps me from over rotating). Did wonders for keeping balls in play
  6. Pope 1858 - later than I should b..damn time change screwed up the morning
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