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  1. Yeah I think this is what I was really getting at with my question. I can definitely see how using the time gained for self-improvement rather than just wasting it or sleeping longer etc woulc be so much more beneficial. Its going to take repetition and effort but at the end of the day I decided to stop being a pussy when I quit. It hit me while I was thinking about it that I was actively killing myself with that poison for over 10 years. I am starting to get my time back but that next step is attacking the piece of shit that stuff made me and getting my mind and body back.
  2. I did the same thing. I even realized it at the time and still did it. So fucking stupid.
  3. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this still learning the site. Would like to get your thoughts on something. I just wrapped up a book "the morning mind" which goes into the biology and chemistry of the brain and how to effectively get your day started etc... One of the big takeaways was the need to form a consistent morning routine (not necessarily groundbreaking info) but it got me thinking. Dip was always a part of my morning routine. In fact, probably the main part of my morning routine. When am I taking that first dip? Do I have enough for the day? When will I need to go
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