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2 hours ago, T_NiZzLe said:

So now that I’m serious about quitting and I’m here on the site, what happens now?

what am I supposed to do on this site?

Read, grasp concepts, other adult things.  

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Listen to that little voice in the back of your mind, and be completely honest with your self. Is it telling you that you might go back and dip? Or is it telling you that this time you're quit once and for all?

If you're really committed to being quit, then you're in the right place and all you have to do is follow the simple instructions.

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Welcome @T_NiZzLe , you need to post scroll first every day.  Should be your first thing on your mind in the morning to remind yourself the importance of your quit (in my opinion). But most importantly you need to form connections here by interacting with others, read, and participate on the site.  Quit is everything.. 

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Please fill in your quit date here.

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