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    Fishing, Hunting, golfing (if there are drink carts), anything outdoors. And beer ... I really like it. It tastes so good when it hits my lips.
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  1. I need a new TV, gonna start shopping. Ours is 8 years old.
  2. 8meds - 2,187 - with SRF on 100
  3. You missed the part where I started with “old guy reasoning”, didn’t you. We are on beyond unlimited. Looks to be $20 per line, so shared between devices that we own (2 phones, an IPad and a jet pack). I’ll go talk to my rep. But I still say fuck Netflix, even if it has Tigers.
  4. Warning ... old guy reasoning coming: I'm with Verizon, and unlimited. But they splash everywhere that if one device uses x amounts of data, all the others will get throttled. Meaning, back to the stone age for the rest of the month as far as connection speed goes. When we first went unlimited, we streamed a couple of movies. Holy shit the data they used. The rest of our devices sure seemed fucking slow until the end of the month, when things "reset". ONLY Verizon / AT&T available around here, and AT&T is shitty at the duck shack (see, non existing). Am I missing something? Full disclosure ... I spend about an hour a day in front of the idiot screen. I would rather do almost anything else. The wife? Netflix would mean watching patterns unseen to date! I don't think I would change much. Shit TV is still Shit TV ... fuck all of it, especially since Virgil Ward / Championship fishing stopped.
  5. It’s literally not available dude. They stopped the big broadband rollout about 1/4 mile from my driveway. Combine that with a 1/2 mile long drive, and only dial-up is available. Dead serious. We just use data, or go to work. Neither works for streaming shit.
  6. No internet sucks. I’m not using Data to watch Tiger King.
  7. 8meds - 2,184 - 3” of snow last night ... gross
  8. No fever ... feel under the weather though, working from home day it looks like.
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