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Quitting Dip

How to Quit Dip/Chew FOREVER. No tricks, just freedom.


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If you are like I was, you've tried to quit a hundred times.  You've tried to quit nicotine with gum, patches, maybe even books on tape and hypnosis.  You've tried brand switching, slowing down, cutting back, making rules...everything.  I even tried a written contract - printed, signed, put in a drawer...and broken the next day.

I thought I was too weak to quit.

Then I found this website.  This a community of people just like me, and you, to quit dip.  It's free.  There's no catch.  There are no ads.  We're not affiliated with a church or a company or an agency or anything.  We are simply a band of brothers who have decided to join forces and win together.  Honestly, I can't believe this actually works!

I had my last dip 785 days ago and I don't miss it one bit.  Freedom is glorious.  I thought for so long that if I quit it would mean just constantly enduring the pain of missing it every day for the rest of my life.  That's not true.  You're so close to freedom.  It's like drowning in the shallow end of the pool - all you have to do is stand up!

So how do we do it?  This sounds crazy, I know, but it works.  With a simple post, we promise ourselves and one another that we will not use nicotine this day.  Then we keep our promises.  We hold one another accountable.  I know...I know.  I promised myself, my family, my friends, my dentist, my doctor, everyone, that I would quit.  Over and over again I promised, and then I broke that promise usually the same day.

But a promise to a bunch of strangers on the internet works???  Yep.  It works.  Like a f***ing magic spell it works.

It's not magic, though, it's honor and integrity.  It's there inside you, yearning to get out. 

Your choices are simple: suffer and die alone, or stand up and fight with us.

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