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  4. Owl

    Driverless Cars

    It's a fantastic idea. The big gas station companies have to be working on this. I'll bet Amazon is too. That will make electric cars even less likely. But, yes, efficiency will continue to improve for all of the right reasons.
  5. Owl

    Driverless Cars

    This is really interesting in a lot of ways. A gas pump in your garage! Dude. Would you pay a couple of extra cents per gallon to have a fuel truck stop at your house and fill up your cars once or twice a week?? You might have a business there... What about when you want to drive more than the 100-ish mile range when it's really hot or cold outside? You think that getting fuel is inconvenient now, wait until you have to sit for 4 hours while your car "refuels" at a super charging station. As we say in the Oil & Gas industry, "There's an ocean of oil underneath Detroit."
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  7. Owl

    Driverless Cars

    I was thinking a lot about electric cars today. There's no f-ing way, dudes. Think about what they'd have to be to compete with internal combustion engines. Our current technology allows a 300 - 500 mile range with 90 seconds to "recharge". It's only $20 - $75 bucks for a full "charge". It's a ridiculously cheap form of transportation per mile. We learned a while ago that there's more environmental impact in making cars than driving them, and electric cars currently produce more negative environmental impact than ICE cars. Plus, the electrical grid is still largely coal powered, so electric cars are effectively coal powered cars. Nice job. Musk has talked about battery swap-out stations where you'd drive up and have the whole battery pack replaced and then be on your way, but the physics of that are just silly. Think about how huge that facility would have to be to store all of those batteries. Think about how small and light a current fuel tank is compared to the thousands of pounds that all of those lithium batteries weigh. Then there's the problem of heating and cooling. When it's really hot or really cold outside, an electric car is using more energy to control the climate than to propel the car down the road. Especially in the winter. Our current cars produce so much energy, much of it is lost in heat, which can conveniently be used to warm the car. If Musk had put all of that effort and capital into improving efficiency and longevity of conventional cars, he might have actually made a positive impact on the world. "Genius" my ass...that stock is a zero.
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