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Quitting Dip

Quitting dip changed my life


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I dipped for most of my life.  That fact still boggles my mind.  From the time I was a teenager, until I found this site - this amazing community of badass quitters - I stuffed my face with that putrid plant.

I wanted to quit so badly, but I "couldn't." Quotes because this site helped me realize that it's not about "can't," it's about "won't." I could always quit.  I was always just one small but immensely powerful decision away from freedom.

The big shift in mindset was like being struck by lightning. What I quickly learned here didn't make successfully quitting more likely, it made it inevitable.  

I always thought that quitting dip would be the last step in a self-improvement journey. Now I see that it's the critical first step.

Quitting dip here, with this method, changed my mind.  It changed my life.  It changed me as a person; diet, exercise, relationships, work - all improved.  All because I quit dip?  You're damn right.  Dip was an anchor.  It held me back for so long.

I'm so glad that I'm free.

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