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Quitting Dip

Quitting Dip on Saturday, April 13th, 2019


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I had some stoppages over the years before I quit chewing tobacco. I'd say i was done, throw away a can & then spend a few weeks sad, mopey and missing the can, all the while patting myself on the back. Then, I'd find a great excuse to buy another one.... traffic was bad, wife's a cunt, my pinky toe hurts, must be a lack of copenhagen.... and the stoppage would be over.

Then one day, I decided i wanted to quit dipping. I didn't want to die. I found these assholes & haven't looked back. I don't ever have a single solitary thought about dipping anymore.  It's hard to comprehend right now for you. Your body will be  detoxing that shit. Your addict mind is going to fuck with you hard for a while. We've all been there & here we are. Still standing and still quit. I'm convinced that the reason this is my quit and not a stoppage is that I bought into this system from Day 1. 


And the only method for quitting dipping that any of us have ever found to work is quitting cold turkey, with the help of other quitters. The method that we use here. If you found Quitting Dip, you’ve been struggling with nicotine for a long time. You have probably tried to quit. Perhaps you’ve even admitted to yourself that you are addicted to chewing tobacco. 

No matter what strategy you have employed in the past, we both know it hasn’t worked. Otherwise, you would be quit, like the rest of us. The excuses you have used in the past won’t work here. The temporary withdrawal symptoms of quitting dipping are not going to kill you. You can actually function at work and home without your “crutch” to make you “more relaxed”. Your life will improve dramatically once you quit dipping. You might remember stopping for a few weeks, and you have an idea that it was hell 'because you had quit'. It was hell because you didn’t know how to quit until now. 

We’ll change your mindset, and we will lay out the timeline of quitting nicotine. The only thing that you need to do to participate in a 100% effective method of quitting dipping is to show up here every day, follow the advice of the members, and follow the only two rules we have here....Post your promise not to dip every morning, and keep your word. If you are ready to quit dipping, post up on the Plebe Scroll. 

Otherwise, visit the support center, or read some speeches

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