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Quitting Dip

Quitting Dip on Thursday, April 18th, 2019


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Are you here because you are having a health scare? Do you have a little boo boo in your mouth that you think is cancer? Well, it’s probably not. Does that mean it’s not time to quit dipping? Does your throat hurt real bad? Think you’re going to have to use one of those vibrator things for the rest of your life? Fuck your pain in the throat, pussy. It means nothing. It’s probably not related to your chewing. Does that make you want to chew again? If so, pack your bags, bitch. We didn’t quit dipping because of a sore throat, we didn’t quit dipping because our doctor said to, and we didn’t quit dipping because our wife said we had to. We quit because we wanted to be free of addiction. Because we couldn't bear to live under the yoke of slavery to nicotine. Because we wanted to be in control of our lives. Because we wanted to live. 
The first thing you need to understand is what QUIT is. It isn’t sitting around lamenting about the fact you used to chew, lusting for it like some chick you banged for a while, and it's not about being nervous you might run into a tough situation like a long drive, or dipping when you are sad or stressed out. It's knowing that nicotine never helped you, and did nothing for you. That you don't give a fuck about anything else except the fact that you are in control of yourself. That you have no desire to chew. Right now you might be having physical withdrawal, your body might start doing whatever it can to make you feel like you need it. That’s different than wanting to chew. 
I've got good news, if you "don't want to chew again" you never will again. Because unlike what that statement makes it sound like, no one accidentally has a dip, and there is definitely no chance someone sticks a gun to your head and forces you to dip. Talking like a passive observer who is hoping for the best is not going to work. Talk like you have a pair, and also give a shit about the outcome. If you're here to "try" and "hope," don't bother. Start speaking all quit and only quit right now, because it is the only way to make it. Your actions will follow your words, actions become habits, and habits become character,
Whether you want to believe it or not, (because it makes you accountable), you are responsible for all of your actions. You are the master of your fate. I WILL NOT EVER CHEW TOBACCO AGAIN. That's a fucking promise. I make it every day, and that promise is rock solid. If I commit to making it every day, this shit isn't even difficult. Go ahead, think about it. If you make that promise every morning, you only have two options. Quit dipping, or break your word. If breaking your word is an option, this place is not for you. Will you make a promise to quit every day? Will you keep your word? Will you commit to doing those simple steps every day in order to save your life and be free? If yes, this shouldn't be hard. Fuck one day at a time. Take the pressure away. Commit. Every day. 
There is no excuse, there is no reason, there is no anything that will lead to a place where nicotine is anything other than poison.

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