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Quitting Dip

Quitting Dip on Wednesday, June 12th, 2019


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Looking for some kind of sign that you need help quitting dip? 
The fact that you have tried to quit before, but didn’t, is the only real sign you need. You're an addict. We all had a moment like you’re having right now. We realized that we were fucked, and needed help, but we all struggled with pulling the trigger before finally choosing to say FUCK YOU to nicotine slavery. We’ve all got the same back story. We all started using casually, and at some point became addicted. Beyond that, you won’t find a way to relate to anyone here while your face is buried in the can. You won’t find a common connection with the people here until you quit dipping. You have been a big pussy, but that’s just because you've never met anybody who's QUIT. I'm quit. So is everyone here. 

Getting started isn't hard. dump the shit out in the toilet, put day 1 on the plebe scroll, and buckle up.  That means you're not going to dip for the rest of the day. Keep your word. No matter what. Yeah, your body is going to freak out because it is in withdrawal from a drug. Isn't that scary? Get through the day. You are not a passive victim, you are re-taking control of your body and your mind. Drink lots of water, get outside and sweat as much as you can. If you're in terrible shape, grab a bottle of water and walk for a couple hours today, or this evening if you're at work. If you're in good shape, go fucking berzerk at the gym. Wake up tomorrow and post Day 2. 
This will suck, and then it won't. Quit dipping, and we will become your brothers, and we will quit with you every day. The only things truly not tolerated here are using nicotine and any actions that are likely to lead you down that path. We'll show you the right actions and the right path. This is a forum focused on fighting our common addiction. No one is going to beg you to stay. We are not trying to convert people. If you don’t want to quit dipping, we can’t help you. This place also isn’t a prison - the door to the exit is right there on the X button that closes this browser. If you want to go back to your nicotine addiction, we don’t give a shit, don’t waste our time or yours. Fuck off. 
How does Quitting Dip work? Post to the quit scroll. Do it right now. Then again tomorrow morning right after you wake up and start your day. Just like you used to put in your chewing tobacco first thing in the morning. If you don’t do it first thing, and you wait until the end of the day, it isn't a promise to quit dipping, it's a status update.  Here you make your promise to us and yourself early, and you don't break your promise. If you want to talk about how hard quitting is and how you gave it a shot but it's just too hard, go share your bitching with your Facebook friends. Quitting dip isn't hard.... Quitters are hard. 

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