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Quitting Dip

Quitting Dip on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019


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You have decided to quit dipping. Welcome to the greatest decision you have ever made in your life. Find today’s Quit Scroll, and put the number 1 next to your name. Make your promise to yourself, and to us, that you will not use tobacco or nicotine of any form today. We all make this promise every morning. For new guys this promise is the grounding that keeps you from dipping throughout the day. For those of us who KNOW that we are quit, the daily promise is a way to remember the addiction and stave off complacency. The fight against the can is an ongoing battle. It has taken up a large portion of your life, now is the time to fight back!

Read up on everything you can on this forum. Explore. Check out all of the advice and resources we have here. And, most importantly, Quit Today! If you can promise me that, then I promise to be right alongside you in this battle against dip!

Are you waiting for the right time to quit dipping? There isn’t a “right time to quit." Thinking you can wait for that perfect window is an excuse that will lead you back to the can every time. Stopped for two weeks... but now your girlfriend dumped you? Not the right time. Having trouble finding a job? Not the right time. Fast forward, and twenty more years have passed with you shoving that shit in your mouth. When you start reading through the intros here, they will obviously have a very familiar ring. We were just like you before we quit. Now we are nothing like you, the addicted/pathetic you. We are the Quit you, the you that you could be. 
If you quit dipping, you are going to get a lot stronger, very soon. You are going to feel much better. You are going to develop something that we call a “Quit Dick”.  Never seen a giant Quitter Dick before? Go head over to the QD showers. We have huge dicks here. That’s just shorthand for... “we’ve developed a mindset that has enabled us to be free from the slavery of nicotine”.  Every morning I make a promise to myself and the other dudes here not to dip today. I am committed to doing that every morning. And I will never break that promise. Therefore, I have zero chance of ever chewing again. So I don't need to ever think about it. I don’t need to stress about what life might throw at me. I don’t have white knuckles. Some people get very wrapped up in the difference between cravings and withdrawals and reward centers and urges and blah blah blah. It is very much overcomplicating this shit. I don't give a fuck about any of that. My lizard brain can go fuck itself. I am driving this ship, and nicotine can totally get fucked. That's the mindset, but just the surface. 
Make a commitment and do yourself a favor by posting your promise not to dip, daily on the quit scroll.. 

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