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Quitting Dip

Quitting Dip on Thursday, September 26th, 2019


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But that welcome  comes with a condition - When you’re ready to quit dipping, post your day 1 on the Plebe scroll… dump your can… go to the fridge and dump the remainder of your roll… go out to your garage/car/desk at work and dump your emergency cans.....get rid of it all. Because when you post your day 1, there is no going back, and if you follow the advice here, you won’t want to dip anymore. Hell, you don’t WANT to dip anymore already, or you wouldn’t be here. You think you can’t live without dip, but we’re all here to tell you that not only is quitting dip possible, quitting dipping is the greatest thing you’ll ever do for yourself. 

 After you post your day 1 today - hang on until tomorrow morning and then you will post your day 2 .... then you’re on you’re way to being a quitter ... you will come here every morning and post scroll - you do that not out of a requirement for this site, but as a promise to yourself that you will not put that shit in your mouth for that day....fight through that day and repeat the next.... you will continue to do that until you gain the upper hand on your addiction.  What we offer here is brotherhood and accountability - if that is what you’re looking for - you have come to the right place..... You might think that you don’t have the will power, but if it were all about will power, none of us would have needed this site to quit dipping. However, if your unable to make a commitment, if you can not keep a promise, if you possess thin skin - then this is not the place for you…So, decide… do you want to quit dipping? Do you want to be free, or be a slave? Post your name and day 1 on the Plebe scroll .... once you do that you'll have the full power of this site working for you.


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